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Want to Run Successful Outbound Call Centre? Track These Crucial KPIs Properly!

These days, running a successful outbound call centre has become an indispensable task for business owners because that’s the only way to uplift the profit levels.

Do you know how preeminent outbound call centre service providers help their clients in improving sales growth? Nah! Well, the answer is they track some crucial KPIs (key performance indicators) that shed light on whether things are going in the desired manner or not. There are numerous KPIs to track, but some of them will decide business growth. Thus, keeping a close eye on vital metrics is instrumental.

Instead of tracking central KPIs, business owners usually go for outbound call centre services of renowned vendors. This is a safe and wise move to keep running a business smoothly. Today, we will uncover growth-concerning outbound call centre KPIs that are worthy to be tracked. So, let’s get going:

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is another KPI that should be tracked because it shows the number of calls which are ended in sales successfully. In some scenarios, the conversion rate is used to know the percentage of successful contact with prospects. For running outbound call centre in a seamless manner, keeping the conversion rate high is fundamental.

Barring this, a dwindling conversion rate signals to the amplification of cost per lead, which as a repercussion, could affect the business’s bottom line negatively.

Reputed outbound call centre service providers track this metric closely to know the exact number of successful sales, appointments, and answers of survey questions.

First Call Close

Another vital KPI that business owners should be tracking is FCC (First Call Close). It shows how many sales agents have made in their first shot. If you manage this metric to keep high, you are likely to run outbound call centre smoothly and successfully.

To keep this metric, you must give your agent top-notch training because closing a deal during the first outbound call isn’t easy. For keeping FCC at a high level, renowned outbound call centre service provide make small yet necessary changes in their strategies periodically.

Even, reputed outbound call centre service providers invest a big chunk of money to get experienced script writers on board so as to increase the probability of first call close.

Calls Per Agent

CPA (calls per agent) is another metric which should be tracked to run an outbound call centre effectively because this KPI clearly shows how many agents are doing their work aptly and which calling reps are falling behind in the pursuance of achieving set performance target. To put it briefly, how many calls a single agent is making during the working hours.

To uplift the CPA, it is significant to aim for high agent engagement because if your calling reps are happy with their job, they are likely to place more calls than their set targets. Thus, if you are all set to operate an in-house outbound call centre, do these things — create a positive working environment, conduct skill development programs periodically, use an automatic dialler system, etc. — to enjoy seamless operations.

Average Hold Time

High hold time always results in high call abandonment rate, and this is the harsh reality you should be knowing before running an in-house outbound call centre. By and large, automatic dialling system is employed to multiply the productivity of agents.

But automatic dialler system makes multiple calls at one time and connects the agent with the prospect who has answered first. Due to this process, sometimes other potential customers have to wait to hear a voice from the other end. After waiting for some couple of seconds, they put the phone down which isn’t good from the business’s perception.

Ideal business practice says to keep the average hold time zero, but that’s not possible so making strategies to keep AHT (average hold time) in check is paramount.

Average Call Length

If you want to set high sales records, it is imperative to ensure your outbound call centre agents always involve in a meaningful dialogue with prospects. Every outbound call should last for some couple of minutes, not for hours. This is so because when agents involve in a lengthy conversation and end up with poor results, it leads to sheer wastage of time and resources.

That’s why keeping a tab on metric ACL (average call length) is crucial. This metric basically shows the average time that agents have spent on their calls. Here are a few suggestions to avert the hassle of soaring average call length:

  • Tell your agents to avoid using lengthy phrases during interactions with potential customers.
  • Keep things concise while explaining the perks of products or services.
  • Try to give short but satisfactory answers to the questions asked by prospects.

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