Test Tube Finally something from Google and YouTube

Test Tube: Finally something from Google and YouTube

YouTube has just made a new site available called Test Tube this is the first of what I am sure will be more to come. New things that they have been working on over at YouTube. To start with there are two choice’s at the site for you to try. Audio Swap and Streams.

I gave both of them a quick try. And I am sure that I will go back and fiddle with them a little more. Especially since I have a couple of videos loaded on YouTube that does not have any audio currently. What’s that have to do with anything you say?

Well Audio Swap can fix this problem. Once logged into it you can pick from a granted small list of musicians and there music that YouTube has negotiated deals with to allow on their site and you can add one of those songs t

o your video clip to spice it up some.

A couple of things that I notice right away is as is to be expected there are not that many artists or tracks yet. I am sure that YouTube will court more by the time this goes mainstream. If MySpace pages can now feature almost any soundtrack available I see no reason why those songs cannot be added to a video clip that you have uploaded. The content will not be downloaded or piratable since you test and listen to everything in the Audio Swap preview screen. I was able to add a song to one of my clips in about a minute. Have a look HERE to check it out.

One little feature that I sure would like would be for Audio Swap to allow you to upload your own music to a video clip you have already and allow you to add it to the clip. Of course the music industry would I imagine frown on this.

When I logged into Streams the first thing that struck me was how similar it is to how the first chat rooms online used to be back about 10 years ago. Kind of clunky and crammed together. The idea of Streams is that you can sign into an active Stream. There are not that many yet, but with as many videos that YouTube has I am sure that will change very quickly as well.

Once you are signed in you can chat with other folks that are there and even add videos to the stream. Another thing that I noticed on each of these streams is that they are very similar in appearance to MySpace pages the difference being that instead of people coming and visiting a page and leaving a comment they are all there listening to the same music video from music downloading apps and websites or funny commercial while they are chatting away on the side.

It is really nice to see something come out of the blending of Google and YouTube. Both of these new services are a little rough around the edges. But one can only hope that YouTube will look for some feedback from users shortly and take into consideration what we have to tell them. Similarly you can share the views, news and YouTube videos in social site like Facebook, Instagram.

Also use YouTube to Facebook converter for better performances of your videos and media.  In the meantime have fun with them and check back often as I can imagine just like all the off-shoots of Google we are liable to see many new and interesting things in Test Tube. Some of which just like with Google will never go beyond a Beta phase so to speak.

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