Startup Business Should Opt Brand Influencers

Influencer marketing is becoming common day by day. Influencers are well-known social media users. They have an expert level knowledge with good social influence in their respective fields. Brand influencers have established credibility and a large group of followers over time. These users can attract other people towards your brand by the virtue of their trustworthiness.

Nowadays, many businesses have started connecting with a brand influencer to promote their products/services quickly. Same is the case with packaging sector. Various custom packaging companies have opted for influencer marketing to reach a wider target audience. Even it’s the best option for the packaging wholesalers who have just started up their business.

The major challenge faced by startups is the immense competition in the marketplace. Most of them fail to operate in the starting years due to lack of funding and competency. To make your startup business grow, it is necessary to attract the people and convert them to loyal customers. Influencers help in exposing your brand in very less time. Below are some of the reasons why startups should opt for brand influencers:

Influencers Have Real Power

Nothing can drive more sales than a positive word of mouth. 70% of the consumers claim that they trust influencers the most when it comes to purchasing a product. Influencers are the unofficial brand ambassadors which play an important role in uplifting your products.

Most of the packaging box manufacturers have realized that influencers have more power as compared to a paid advertisement on newspaper and television. Therefore opting for brand influencers to promote your wholesale product packaging never goes unrewarded.

Increase your Customer Database

According to the research conducted by Pew Center; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are most commonly used websites by Americans. Having a good social following is an effective way to interact with customers on an everyday basis.

Influencers help you to increase your customer base overnight. For example, if your startup has launched cardboard packaging boxes wholesale, influencers can introduce them to a large number of target customers.   This also improves your ranking on Search Engine Optimization. It is a signal that you have a substantial following which relates to brand quality.

Influencers drive More Engagements

If done correctly, influencer marketing creates more awareness about your startup business and result in a massive reach. People trust influencers mainly because of their expertise and authenticity. They spend a lot of time in crafting best posts to resonate with their audience. They create high-quality content which everyone loves. This results in creating more customer engagement.

However, it is necessary to choose influencers which are ideal and related to your industry. There are different tools which filter out the brand influencers based on location, engagement rate, category, and social platform. Instead of advertising your custom product packaging boxes to a massive audience which might not be even interested, influencers deliver your message to a small, engaged and relevant audience.

Builds Winning Partnerships

Usually, the startups connect with influencers to promote their brand and to share the news of a new launch. However, engaging with influencers is the start of a powerful relationship. Such a winning partnership can be taken to a long-term. You may take influencers to live events or convert your relation to joint-ventures. Brand and influencer mutually benefit each other.

A creative input by an influencer creates a winning situation for a brand. This makes it differentiate right at the start. As a result, the influencer receives compensation in terms of money or any other benefits. You may offer your products/services free of cost. For example, if an influencer succeeds in promoting your shipping products, you can provide him with wholesale shipping boxes whenever he plans his next move.

Brand influencers are becoming common in every type of businesses. Even the printing and packaging companies have opted for influencer marketing to target a larger audience. The Custom Boxes is one of the largest wholesale manufacturers to provide you with custom product packaging. It has been using influencers to promote its products from years.

Premium-quality printing along with color box packaging is its core practices. With the help of influencers, its product boxes have reached thousands of target customers, making it one of the best custom providers worldwide. In addition to providing custom product packaging boxes, it also offers wholesale shipping boxes with unlimited box packaging ideas according to customers’ requirement.

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