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Top 8 Latest Features of Android 10

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Google finally proclaimed the name of their next Android version, actuation one over on those folks United Nations agency was curious what course name began with Q. Android Q, because it was dear referred to as is currently formally Android 10. The build comes with brand new design and new font; however, there also are many upgrades, tweaks and new options that come back in conjunction with it.

Here are some latest features of it. Also, you have to check this site HDEUROpix to get all the trendy and latest tech kinds of stuff.

Latest Features of Android 10

Settings Control

You might not need to jump through multiple pages to urge to the phone settings you would like. Settings Panels permits you to access phone settings that area unit discourse to the app that you simply presently have open.

For example, if you’re on Chrome and there’s no property, Chrome can mechanically open the property settings panel on your page, rather than you having to juggle the Chrome and therefore the Settings app to urge what you would like.

Audio Features

Android 10 lets 2 apps on your phone record or hear audio at constant time. “Before Android Q the input audio stream may solely be captured by one app at a time,” Google writes in their developers’ forum. “Once an associate degree app began to capture audio, all different apps had no thanks for accessing the audio input until the capturing app stopped.”

In addition, the upgrade additionally has one thing referred to as the Audio Playback Capture API (Application Programming Interface) that permits you to capture audio from another app that’s taking part in. This accustomed be a feature restricted to video, however, currently there’s associate degree audio possibility further.

Wi-Fi Access with QR-CODE

You might not like a secret to attaching to Wi-Fi any longer. A QR code can do. Dubbed ‘Easy Connect’, the new system permits you to produce a QR code that others will use to access your Wi-Fi.

Location Access

Android 10 has new permissions access that “gives user’s additional management over app access to device location”, in keeping with Google. You will be able to tweak location permissions in such how that associate degree app can access your location only if the app is getting used. That is, the app cannot access it once it’s running in the background.

Dark mode

Android 10 permits you to modification your phone’s theme to ‘Dark’, each within the system’s UI and therefore the apps. The dark mode additionally helps with the phone’s battery life, because it needs considerably less power. You’ll be able to additionally modification the theme of associate degree app one by one once it’s running.

Foldable Mobile

There are a unit many folding phones out there within the market Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, Huawei’s Mate X and additional. Android 10 offers support for application developers to develop apps specifically for such devices, even with completely different folding patterns. The support addresses the app’s resizing, screen ratios, multi-window functions, show cut-outs and additional.

Privacy and Security

There is a unit many tweaks to privacy controls, one among the foremost being that apps cannot launch by themselves. Android 10 additionally restricts apps from accessing the contents of the phone’s screen. Any apps that would like that require accessing the phone screen can currently need further, on-the-go permission. Now, applications would like a user’s permission to launch, as against once apps may automatically launch while not user interaction.


Bubbles area unit notifications ‘bubbles’ which will currently crop up on your screen, even after you area unit victimization different applications. They’re designed for multitasking; however, the feature may also be turned off if you don’t am fond of it.

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