Make Smartphone battery last longer

5 Easy Hacks to Make Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Making your smartphone run longer than it does is usually what every device owner wishes for. No matter how big the battery capacity is, sooner or later, the smartphone user gets used to it and ends up draining the battery.

We have five easy hacks to share with the smartphone owners who wonder how to make batteries last longer on their smartphones. These tricks are not any complicated workarounds and still will give your battery a long life. Let us check them out.

Don’t Let It Drain

People have this unfortunate habit of draining their phone batteries to zero when they are using them. Let us tell you that it is not healthy for your phone. It doesn’t matter how expensive your phone is and what optimization it runs if you keep draining it to zero regularly, the battery life goes down. Lithium-ion batteries are designed in a manner that the more frequently you charge them, the better they perform.

The best practice is to charge your phone as soon as it hits the 20% mark so that you leave no chance of it going down to zero. If you are someone who is always on the go and do not get the chance to change the phone until you are home, then investing in a power bank will be handy for you. Check out the Black Friday discounts and deals on electronics like power banks. Just plug in your phone to these power banks if your battery goes low and don’t let it drain.

Check the Settings

Sometimes it is not the battery that is a problem; it is the phone which causes it. Before reaching the customer center or buying a new battery for your phone, make sure to check out your phone settings. In the battery section of your phone, you will find an option of high performance, balanced mode, and battery saver mode. Depending on which phone you are using, the name of these options may vary.

It’s better to go for balanced mode, but if you are too concerned about your battery juice or are a heavy phone user, then opting for battery saver mode will be wise. Other than that, switching of your data and Wi-Fi when not in use, keeping the brightness to low or auto, and keeping connected to the minimum amount of Bluetooth devices can save much power on your phone battery.

Watch What You Install

Download from reputed developers only! We suggest that you make sure that every app on your phone is a part of the editor’s choice on the Play Store. These apps are the top picks from Google, and you can rely on them for day-to-day usage. If you happen to have some favorite apps that you love to use but you are not sure if they are safe or not, then you must have an anti-virus installed on your phone.

BitDefender can help keep your phone secure from suspicious apps. So, it is an excellent option to go for. It is free on Android with some in-app purchases. This antivirus is something we also suggest to PC users, it comes with a cost, but you can buy BitDefender Antivirus for PC on Black Friday Discount at meagre prices. Grab it while the offer is still up.

Keep an Eye on Background Apps

It is only logical that the minimum apps running will cause a minimum battery drain. Various apps are notorious for running in the background and not just consuming the available RAM but also sucking on the battery power. Keep an eye on these kinds of apps and manage their app permissions confined to a few only. Do not allow these apps to run over the others and ignore battery optimizations. We suggest you make these settings manually without relying on battery saver apps or phone manager. Just manage the settings and do not clear your RAM by yourself. Clearing it reloads various apps on launching again, and this leads to more power consumption.

Charge with Standard Devices

You might have come across various news of phone batteries blasting. Even the expensive flagship phones from Samsung have had this problem. Most of the cases in which this issue has crept up, the problem has been faulty cables or power adapters with which the phones were charged. It becomes essential that you start using quality and standard devices instead of going for any random one.

Take extra caution if you change your quick charger from the charger that came with your mobile. Better to go for branded chargers and spend an extra dime on them instead of risking the chance of an accident.

So, these are the 5 Easy Hacks to make your smartphone batteries last longer. Just give them a try, and you will see a marked improvement in your phone’s battery life instantly. Let us know your experience using these tips in the comments.

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