G Suite Migration for Thunderbird

G Suite Migration for Thunderbird – Best Workaround for Data Transfer

Are you looking for a secure solution to perform G Suite migration for Thunderbird? If you are looking for an alternative solution for Google Takeout then you are in the right place. In this blog, we will provide you the best workaround that can export your mailbox data in the MBOX file format. Before directly going to the solution we can just discuss why users prefer alternative solutions for Google Takeout.

Issue Faced by Users with Google Takeout

“Hi, As a part of my new project I am working on G Suite to Thunderbird migration. As a part of the migration, we export the data from the Google Apps account Thunderbird supporting MBOX file format. But due to the bulk amount of the data in the G Suite account it taking a lot of time to complete the process. And also it doesn’t provide the portion to selective download of the data. But we don’t have that much time to spend. So please anyone suggest a quick solution to perform G Suite migration for Thunderbird.”

Google Takeout is one of the common application used by the users to create the backup and in the migration process. From the above quarry, we can understand the main issue faced by most of the users is the time consumption for the exporting process. While transferring large size mailbox data from the G Suite account will take a lot of time to complete. This will create problems during the urgent backup migration/ backup process. Don’t worry we have a great solution to avoid this situation. Google Apps backup tool is an efficient solution for the creation of G Suite backup in fast mode. We can see it detailed in the following section. Lets get start.

Quick Workaround Solution for Google Apps to Thunderbird Migration

G Suite is a cloud based business service provided by Google. It provides various services like email, drive data, etc. to make the organization’s operations more efficient. At the same time, Thunderbird is a free, open-source, cross-platform, desktop based email client provided by Mozilla.

This enables the Offline management of Email data. Most of the user needs to perform the G Suite migration for Thunderbird is for access & manage their email data within their system. The basic process to import the G Suite data into Thunderbird is to export the email messages in the MBOX file format. From the above section, we understand how difficult it is to transfer the bulk amount of data using Google Takeout. Hence it is better to opt for an automated solution. SysTools G Suite backup tool is an efficient approach to G Suite data migration.

The prime function of the tool is to export the G Suite mailbox data such as emails, contacts, calendars & documents from Google Drive to local hard drive. It is not only capable to export the data in MBOX file it also allows the users to backup the data in PST, EML, MSG formats. It provides various feature to quick migration of the data into Mozilla Thunderbird.

Multiple User Data Transferring

The tool allows to migrate data from the single as well as multiple user accounts. The admin can transfer the data from the multiple user accounts at the same time using the admin credential. This will help the large organization to create a local copy of their user mailbox and manage it.

Selective Data Backup

The most useful offered by the tool is the option to selective data backup. It provides various filter options like date base, category based for the transfer of the required data. This feature will help in the fast transfer of the data even in very urgent situations.

Less Time Consumption

The best thing about this utility is the fast transfer of data. It will take only the least time to export the data in the required file format. This will help the user to perform quick G Suite migration for Thunderbird.

Pause & Resume option

Pause & resume option allow the users to pause the data transfer during any situation like network error and resume it whenever needed. It helps to protect the from the data loss due to the unexpected situations.

Delete After Download Option

To enhance the G suite data and save the cloud storage space The tool offers the delete after download. Which will remove the data which are downloaded from the server.

G Suite Migration for Thunderbird through Simple Steps

Follow these easy steps to transfer the Google apps email data in MBOX file format:

Step1: Download & launch the Google apps backup tool

Step 2: Select users type & login to the account

Step 3: Choose the MBOX option from email format

Step 4: Apply the required filter option for the selective data transfer

Step 5: Browse the destination & click on the Start button

The backup process will start and the live progress of the export process can view trough the software interface.

Final words

In the above section, we mention the best alternative approach for the fast and secure transfer of Google Apps dat into the Mozilla T-bird. The advanced features of the backup software will help the users in the overcome the time limitations of the Takeout and perform G Suite migration for Thunderbird.

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