Ways How Good Website Design Helps Online Customers

Ways How Good Website Design Helps Online Customers

In the modern, fast-paced world, we all want everything instantly, isn’t it? We want food ready quickly; we want a fast response to our complaints, we want everything to happen in a wink. Even when a website takes much time to load, we get impatient. In such an impatient world, do you think a business owner can wait long to multiply sales?

The increasing trend of online business doesn’t give a guarantee that your business will flourish at the same pace. However, with good website design, you can double the chance of boosting sales. From a company’s logo design to marketing broachers and website design, everything affects directly to sales figure.

What is a good website design?

If you ask for website design services that what is the correct meaning of good website design, they all will come up with different answers. The best website design is the one that uses all the graphics designers principles and converts them all into useful and delivers a maximum level of satisfaction and happiness to customers.

good website design

The purpose of your website should be making products easily understandable to visitors. If people don’t get a clear idea about what you are selling, trust me, you’re lacking somewhere in website designing. Use visuals to help people understand your business because a human being is more likely to view a video than reading the text.

Here goes a list of top tactics that helps in building a good website design to multiply sales. Let’s discuss each one by one!

Improve Website Load Speed

Stanford research states that 75% of internet people judge a business based on how its website looks like. In the online marketplace, a website is the first thing that determines how powerful your business is. If your websites look unclear and take too much time in loading, people will leave it before you get a chance to explain your business. As per Kissmetrics Infographic information, if a website takes more than 4 seconds to get loaded, it loses about 25% valuable prospects. Hence, businesses need to invest money and efforts in good website design that can address these challenges.

internet users are demanding

A website with more data-intensive visuals and photos takes more time in loading than those having less number of pictures and graphics. It doesn’t mean you should avoid the use of visuals in your website rather using design elements intelligently for great impact, and minimum website load speed is the right solution.

Ecommerce websites have to upload too many pictures on their websites; it is important to keep file size minimum while making no compromise with picture quality. While working on your business website designing, make sure that load speed is properly optimized.

Remarketing ads and campaigns for existing customers

Selling to existing customers is indeed comparatively much easier than dragging new ones. If you want to make your business successful, it is advisable to focus on existing customers and inspire them for more purchases. Remarketing ads and email campaigns are two key strategies to keep the old customers engaged.

Remarketing ads

Google uses remarketing ads strategy and targets those users who have already visited those websites. It ensures that people would receive only those ad content that they are interested in. An attractive ad design paired with an enthralling offer on your website inspires previous customers to buy again as well as keep the business fresh in their eyes.

Another effective option to reach out to old customers is – email campaigns. This tool works well with users most interested in online purchases. With a creative strategy and design, let them know that they matter to you, and your business does a lot of special things just for them.

Keep your website mobile-friendly

The internet use is increasing, and the way to access the internet is changing. Earlier people would access the internet from desktop or laptop, but now almost everyone has shifted to mobile for internet use. This goes entirely true with young customers.

While creating an attractive website design for your business, make sure it is mobile-friendly, too; otherwise, you’ll lose potential buyers despite having great products. Create a responsive website so that it can adjust on any screen and people can navigate it effortlessly. Be sure that website designing services you are going to hire, will make a responsive website for you.

Be intelligent with website landing pages

If you are running a business with a dream of fast growth, you should never underestimate the power of a landing page. A landing page is a web page, specifically designed to promote a product or service. In other words, a landing page is designed with a clear ‘call to action (CTA)’ to convert a user into a customer.

Create a dedicated page for each promotional offer, product, service, or sometimes for a set of the targeted audience. This is how your website can help people who are searching for specific information on any product/service and address their issues.

A landing page should have only one agenda and a clear call to action so that visitors can click the CTA button without getting distracted.

Make a room for customer testimonials and reviews

People trust more what other people tell about your business than what you say. If a customer has a good experience, he would more likely to share, and it inspires others to share their opinions too. Therefore, while designing a website for your business, make sure that there should be a dedicated portion for customer reviews and testimonials.

Reviews and feedback by customers that state they have gone through the purchase process, and they had a great experience with the company, build confidence in others and make them ready to buy. This is how you can improve sales by winning the trust of potential customers.

Make sure testimonials are not mixing up with click to action, both should be clear and prominent. Try putting customer pictures along with testimonial because it helps people to connect easily and make them feel real. Choose testimonial font carefully, fancy looks funny, but simple fonts always leave the best impression.

Use the live chat on your website

Live chat tool has a vital role in generating sales for a business, and it is also used to address visitors queries related to products or services. Due to immediate response, customers find live chat more convenient than filling up a contact form.

No matter what type of business you are running, the live chat tool is always a plus for you. Not only does it improve sales, but it helps greatly in collecting email addresses too.


If you are also one of those dreamers who want to grow business sales instantly, you should first work on creating a good website design. Hire a top class website designing service to develop a website for your business. A nice-looking, easy to navigate, highly responsive website which loads quickly and having creatively designed ads that target existing customers for repeated sales. Incorporate a dedicated portion for customer feedback to create a social belief and use a live chat tool to address all customer issues related to your product or services.

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