How to Use Videos on Instagram to Get More Engaged

Instagram has gone on record to say that videos and photos bear the same weight in the eyes of Instagram algorithms.
This means that neither photos nor videos will be automatically shown to more people based solely on their format.
However, consider how the Instagram algorithm works.

While no one really knows how the Instagram algorithm works other than Instagram, we at least know that an important factor in a relationship.

In fact, Instagram makes it a priority to show posts in your feed from people whom it considers close to you.
The algorithm determines whether someone is close to you based not only on what you saw in the past and associated with it but also on how long you had seen it.

For example, if you are constantly watching, liking comments on person A’s posts, the algorithm will give you priority to show posts from person A in your feed.

With this in mind, that you can get someone to engage with your post, your chances of Instagram prioritizing your post on that person’s feed will be higher.

The easiest way to engage someone with your post for a long time

Someone more likely to stay on your post for longer: a single photo or a 30-second video?
Most of the time, someone is going to live longer to watch a 30-second video, because they are a photo post.
So while the video posting function will not automatically help to get your post in front of more people, it will let people stay on your post longer.

And as mentioned above, the longer people stay on your posts, the more likely they are to see your posts higher in their feed.

But don’t overdo it

How long can there be different types of Instagram videos below:

  • Regular posts: at least 3 seconds and up to 60 seconds.
  • Story post: up to 15 seconds.
  • Instagram live post: up to 60 minutes.
  • Post from non-verified IGTV account: up to 10 minutes.
  • Post with a verified IGTV account: up to 60 minutes.
  • Just because you can post up to a minute on your feed or up to an hour of Instagram video on Instagram Live, which is not necessarily what you should have.

To be precise, the videos that were 26 seconds long resulted in the most comments.

Finding your most effective video length

Of course, this is only a general suggestion. The length of the video for your specific Instagram post creates the most engagement, requiring some experimentation.

There is an easy way to know your ideal video length through Instagram Insights

While Insight is only available for Instagram business accounts (changing a business account is free of charge and not necessarily requiring you to do real business), it will tell you exactly which posts are producing the most engagement.
With this information, you can prioritize posting videos that are similar in length that is generating the most engagement.
The conclusion

Posting videos on Instagram keeps people on your posts longer, which tells the Instagram algorithm that your posts are continuing to show at a higher level on people’s feeds, which is a constant way for people to see and engage with your posts. Contributes to The gift that keeps on giving! If you want to grow on the Instagram platform in Brazil.

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