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How to Transfer Data from Google Drive to Laptop / PC? Backup Method

Summary: The article is summarizing an easy any powerful method for the solution on how to transfer data from Google Drive to laptop or PC. Many users search for How to save Google docs to desktop and flash drive. So here, we have described a typical and easy workaround to perform the task.

Introduction to Gmail Drive

All internet users around the world might be having an email account for mailing purpose. You may be familiar with GMAIL. It is a Google-based webmail service, that has popularized for its comfort mailing and mail management techniques. With the advancement in Gmail, it introduced the option for data storage in Cloud. In other terms, you have a facility to add on your personal / work Documents in the Google drive.

This advancement helped many to upload the required data in their Google account and access it from anywhere needed. You must know that Google provides a storage space of 15GB per account for free. The increment to this space requires money transaction.

This reason halted many to move data from Google drive to any local hard drive or flash drive. There where other causes as well. We will be determining those in the coming section. First, we move to the technique through which our Google dive data is backed up in an offline state.

How to Transfer Data from Google Drive to Laptop / Flash Drive?

Talking about the method, Google Drive Docs, Sheets, Drawings, Slides, and other data are efficiently transferred to the offline drive. During transmission of data, you have previewed the status of items moved, with the count of data exported to the local drive. The whole data is migrated without any data loss. The method is known as the Google Drive Backup. The application program is provided by SysTools Software, a raising industry to give away products that comfort Human requirements with efficiency. Let us see how can one save Google docs to desktop.

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How Do I Copy Files from Google Drive to my Computer?

1: Run SysTools Gmail Backup & login with Gmail credentials

2: Select mailbox Document option and file format

3: Browse location to save Google Drive offline backup

4: Hit on Start button

This will preview the data transfer from Google drive to laptop / PC system location. For this process, you will require internet connectivity as the data is transferred from a network location.

Note: All the Drive documents are downloaded in their original format irrelevant of the file format selected.

Features Included to Transfer Data from Google Drive to Laptop

In this application, you are offered some functionalities that help you perform efficient and selective data migration. Some functionalities of Gmail Backup Tool are described below:

  • Incremental Backup
  • Delete After Download Option
  • Multiple Language Support

Incremental Backup Function:

The user willing to move only selected data to the offline drive can use this functionality. This function is available from the second time of tool usage. As the name suggests incremental means the data that occurred after the accomplishment of the first backup will be downloaded. This is a new step towards efficient Plus smart backup.

Delete After Download Option:

Some users may be having their Storage space filling fast due to data received day by day. For them, a function to move the data from the Google account is provided. The ability to move the data from an online source to Offline source deleting the original content from the source is done with this option. The function performed it to copy the data to the offline storage media and delete the content from its origination. This frees the storage space of the account for new incoming mail data.

Multiple Language Support:

Gmail backup tool can transfer data from Google Drive to Laptop in six various languages. This makes user feel easier to perform their task without any difficulty. The tool is available in English (default), German, Japanese, French, Portuguese, and Spanish languages.

Now we shall get to some issues that let some of you go around and search for How to save files from Google mail drive to offline hard drive.

Issues with Limited Gmail Online Storage

For users having a personal Gmail account won’t find it much difficult, but the user who use Gmail as their work mail usually call up with problems. Some are:

#1: I’m using the Gmail account from 1995. I have a lot of emails and other data stored in my Google account. Now I want to move some important data to my local disk. Downloading them one by one is a lengthy task and it is taking too long for one download. Is there any solution to transfer data from Google Drive to Laptop or PC with fast download capability?

#2: My Google drive is almost full. I want to copy the data to my laptop so that I can receive new mail and data without any trouble. Last time I deleted many data to make some space. But this time, I have some important details in my docs that are to be retained with my side. Is there any way to free the storage space of the account retaining the data?

#3: I have a lot of personal data saved in my Google account. I want to move them into my local disk. Please help me with any smart solution for Google Drive Offline backup.


In the above article, a smart method to transfer data from Google drive to laptop or computer hard drive is mentioned. Some user issues discussed with a smart solution to save google docs to computer. Try out the method and believe what it is like to have nothing dine and everything happened automatically.

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