How To Improve Employee Experience With Chat Bots?

In a study carried out between 250 companies, it was found that the companies that invested in employee experience, performed more than the companies that didn’t focus on these things. Not just that, their overall revenue was higher than that of other companies.

A report carried out in 2018 showed that:

More than 40% of respondents believed employee experience is important

More tha 55% believed it helps immensely in employee retention

More than 60% reported that it improved the productivities of employees.

Employee Experience

The total number of interaction an employee is having with their employe about companies future i.e, their goals, achievement, strategies etc is essentially known as Employee experience.

There are a total of 3 distinct factors that contribute towards satisfied employee:

  • Physical environment
  • Technology available
  • Culture in the Workplace

How Can Chatbots Help?

Chatbots are built with AI & ML Solutions that can enable self-service by answering questions. They can complete tasks faster helping the employees, that too without any help from anyone in the office, send you notifications and come up with data real quick compared to the time what an employee would do.

How Chatbot Come In Handy?


It’s no secret, recruiting candidates can be one the worst experience if it doesn’t go as planned. Even for the employee, that’ll be the first process they’ll have to go through. Chatbots can help give out the questions and receive answers from the candidates appearing for the recruitment, while the recruiter can rest back or do some other work while the chatbot is going through all those applications saving multiple hours that it would’ve taken if the HR would have done that.


Once an employee is recruited, the next process is to make them understand all the processes properly which would, in turn, prepare them for the work and office environment. If the employee who isn’t informed properly, then they might not be able to perform properly. Resulting in a loss in performance. This can be vastly improved if a chatbot is employed into the system that can brief the employee properly.

Human Resources

Explaining all the policies, rules and regulations is a hefty task and usually, require a lot of time. So Instead of HR team answering multiple questions, again and again, they can just use a chatbot that’ll help with any type of query employees are having.  Employees will be happy to get quick responses if a Chatbot is employed for these tasks.

Learning & Development

Hiring qualified people is extremely important at this time of constant development. But so is developing their skills once they are in the office. In order to improve the skills of these employees, companies can integrate learning chatbots.

IT Helpdesk

This one is pretty common and most of us already had an experience with it. Better to have a chatbot answer all the questions than sending them towards the IT support team, who is always loaded with queries that are most often than not, repeated.


Chatbots can process reports in real-time these days, this simply means employees don’t have to look multiple reports. And these chatbots can easily provide feedback to the employees whenever they would request.

How Does Chatbots Effect On Relation Between Employee & Employer?

Having internal Voice bots enables employers to:

  • Make Employees more independent than before
  • Improve employee skills quick and easy
  • Decreased cost
  • Build great experience for every employee
  • Reduce irritation of employees with everyday repetitive tasks
  • Increase the efficiency of employees with automation.

Just keep in mind that chatbots can vastly increase the efficiency of employee performance and open multiple doors for them to improve themselves, in turn improving the company as well.

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