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How Offline Branding Affects Modern SEO?

Offline Branding

Offline branding refers to the promotion of a brand through the medium of newspapers, magazines, tv ads, billboards, flyers, etc.

As we have stepped in the 21st century, the country has been growing at a rapid rate, whether it be the infrastructure or the minds of human resources. As a result, the market is flooded with zillions of brands competing to grab more and more eyeballs and increase the footfall of people.

Why do you need Offline Branding?

Earlier it used to be only the tv ads or posters of a specific product which helped to sell it in the market, but since the arrival of social media, the focus of brands has shifted more towards the online space.

Which ultimately lead to silent price wars and a pool full of content online for the viewers.

Offline Branding

So the companies that have been around for a long time are in the same situation they were 20 years ago as a result of this. They’re in the process of losing their relevancy. And by the way, most of the new startups are doing even worse than traditional ones.

We saw this in India with the rise of Flipkart and its sudden plunge of price following its IPO in 2014. It was an easy target for the market, which followed the money trail with a vengeance.

And we now know why the market took advantage of Flipkart. And we can imagine its effect has been much more in Africa, where a lot of countries have no online retail stores left so much of the value they earned

Brands need to understand that the customer is not foolish, and in a market of over 50 brands for a single product, the consumer will make his choice cautiously.

How to get an Edge over Other?

Now the question arises, what should be done by a brand to keep its edge over others?


If you are only adding links through white hat outreach then you are only doing half good. Offline branding plays a crucial role in enhancing search engine optimization (i.e., SEO). SEO helps to know the popularity of a brand among the audience.The next part of the circle is indeed offline branding.

Offline branding affects positively on modern SEO in the following ways:

Generates Trust

When a brand promotes physically through workshops, it creates more of a personal touch with the audience, which results in the gaining of trust by the brand.

Realistic Scenario >Virtual Images

Web is flooded with content; the consumer might miss various brands. By offline branding through workshops, fliers, billboards, it generates a more positive image of the brand in the minds of many.

Generates a Wider Target Base

People between the age group 40-70 may not believe in online branding. Still, by offline branding, the company will be able to create a more extensive target base by attracting people of every age, ultimately increasing the SEO. The only thing that needs to change in digital marketing is to make people more aware of it as it is a part of everyday life.

Social media is something the brand would have no problem doing, and having a social media presence of any kind is always a boon in the online marketing world.

There are many ways to leverage social media channels to your advantage. However, one is to share content on the other social channels that you enjoy but don’t engage in regular. Doing so could even help to push the engagement of your content in these channels.

There are the following ways a brand can promote its product through offline means:

Since any nation’s treasure is its youth, the brand should be able to gather the focus of the people between the age group 15-30.

It can do so by visiting various schools and colleges and interacting personally with the youth there. The brand must not forget its roots in a place where the brand is the most loved or the most successful. A company can invest in the local talent to build a lasting product with great popularity.

Another way of gaining the trust of the public is by conducting offline feedback surveys. It shows the sincerity of the brand towards its audience.


If the brand is newer that has no established brand identity, you still can add your brand, but you will likely need to pay close attention to how this is done.

This can lead to a challenging task that involves creating the brand image that communicates to potential customers that the site contains the correct brand and which of the brand components they are intended to use.

Thus, it can be concluded that though online branding is important, but offline branding helps to generate more SEO for the brand.

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