How to become a Blockchain developer?

How to become a Blockchain developer?

A successful professional life is something that everyone aims for; well, in recent times, the competition has increased, and companies are now looking for talent that have the knowledge of technology which can help the company grow multiple folds. In such a scenario, learning new technologies like Blockchain will keep you ahead of the completion and will also help you get a secured job.

Some eye-catching number

There has been a steady rise in the number of job opportunities in the field of Blockchain technology. Companies are now demanding Blockchain developers as they become more inclined towards the implementation of Blockchain technology. As per Glass door, the demand for the Blockchain-related job has increased by 300% in 2019, and this is expected to grow in the times to come.

This increasing job demand has also led to a rise in salary. As per online job portal Hired, the average salary of Blockchain developer is $150,000 and $ 175,000. This rising salary makes this field as a lucrative job opportunity for the upcoming aspirants. So, the next question that pops up is how to become a Blockchain developer? Read ahead to know more.

Steps to become a Blockchain developer

  1. One of the first parameters is to identify the right platform to learn about Blockchain. Blockchain council provides the most advanced learning and certification course in the field of Blockchain technology.
  2. Then you need to choose a field which you want to learn; you don’t need to learn about every Blockchain, instead focus on the ones who are in demand like Ethereum, EOS or Bitcoin.
  3. The third step is to learn about Dapps. Did you know that Ethereum has built more than 2000 Dapps and this number continues to grow? Visit the website of Dapps and explore, which are the popular Dapps. Start learning them.
  4. Learn about Ethereum, followed by learning about development tools like remind, Web3, Solc, Ganache, etc.
  5. Well, one of the essential aspects of learning Blockchain is that you need to know programming languages like Java, Python. Learning Solidity is also a part of becoming a Blockchain developer.
  6. After successfully completing this course, you need to develop your own Dapp.

Wrapping up- Successful completion of the Blockchain course will make you eligible for Blockchain job. But, all this work in your favor only if you follow the protocol and learn about Blockchain from an institute like Blockchain council. As a part of this course, you will learn about Blockchain, its development, and implications.

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