How Does the Future Look Like for Women Running Small Businesses?
How Does the Future Look Like for Women Running Small Businesses?

How Does the Future Look Like for Women Running Small Businesses?

Alisa has been running her gift shop for almost two years. One would find fresh bouquets, dolls, cards, wind chimes,variety of showpieces and many more pretty decorative items.I used to purchase my monthly journal from her collection.

Located amongst other grocery, cafes and stationery shops, her store attracted a lot less customers than the worth of her goods. The locality where her shop stood was a small town where people didn’t really grasp the concept of investing their money on quality stationeries. They occasionally had eyes for these goods as these were a bit high priced and were rarely used by them. They preferred daily useful necessities over purchases on creative creations. She wasn’t making the profit she wanted to bag in.

In this modern age, women want a powerful presence in the business world. They want to be in the same league with the dominant gender. They have been in the small business industry for a while. And unfortunately, many are facing trouble attracting their target audience and actually selling their product. For example, many women owned small businesses such as bakeries, interior decoration store and gift shops are not making the right kind of sales and profits.

Popular choices of business amongst women are confectioneries, yoga training, clothing line, food service, physiotherapy and tutoring. But how many customers are they successfully targeting? The point from the creation to the end consumption is in actuality a complicated process. And women pursuing independence through their small scale business are also entangled on their way to success.

While selling products,

1) Women are sometimes unable to keep up with their own progress along with their role as a homemaker. Scheduling takes a backseat.

2) Unfortunate circumstances occur because of which she doesn’t receive the right kind of support. This leads to poor team formation and support system.

3) Many women lack the needed resources to take further steps in their own business. This, later, has a terrible backlash and many quit before embarking on their project.

4) She doesn’t strike at the right audience due to lack of proper   marketing.

All these factors lead to an unrecognized stand for her products, not much traffic, poor sale, and is ultimately blinded away from reaching her goal. While providing services,

1) Their services don’t reach authentic seekers.

2) Poor advertisement.

3) Lack proper contact service.

4) Not having full knowledge of the service they want to undertake.

5) Surrounded by superior competitors with more years of experience.

6) Lack of sufficient space to accept more clients.

These are the supposed loopholes that can hamper your business to a great extent. But there’s a way to overcome these obstacles one after the other. Let’s start with marketing. The way through which you can reach customers and clients. With a dominant social media presence, women are taking their business online. This action automatically captures the eyes of many.

Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp Stories and Groups, or Twitter, when the online presence of your products and services are dialled location based with proper description, it can attract a good number of customers. Social media will not only display your products and services but also circulate it far and wide. But, there are limitations to all these social channels. The major limitation is that “They do not prioritize women owned businesses”.

For them, everything is content, be it product, advertisement, joke, message, news and anything else in world that could be penned down! And content keeps getting generated and outdated every single day! In this fast paced social media world, it is indeed a challenge to build a brand which would last a while.

What if there was a platform where your business has more chances of thriving? A platform that will provide your product better visibility, an organized locality based presence, ensure quality transaction, and no charges till your business becomes sustainable enough to get into expansion mode. PinkDesk is a genuine platform that prioritizes on women entrepreneurship.

Their aim is to connect and empower women. Every aspect of this platform wants to assist women to gain personal growth. You can mark digital presence of your store on & MandiIt is very much like having your own website where the marketing and visibility is being taken care of along with generating leads for your business without any costs because well, If you are a woman looking for growth, then you are a priority!

A localized presence ensures a better long term financial relationship with local customers as proximity tends to boost reliability and leads to quick conversions of lead into customers. Also, your store content being rightly categorized as per user interest helps you target the audience who will be willing to lighten their wallets for you. &theater )

How does the earning process look like on PinkDesk?

You can receive your payment for selling products or services in two ways, regular cash and PD cash (1 PD Cash = Re. 1)or a mix of both. Recording your earnings in PD cash has its own benefits. If you choose your mode of payment as PD cash, there are better chances of getting good sales for your products/services.

You however have total freedom on how much PD Cash you want to accept and for which products/services you plan to choose PD Cash. You can even go for full or partial payment by PD Cash. It all depends on your business strategy.

Normally, for new products/services which are yet to catch customer’s eye, it is always better to go for PD Cash acceptance. This allows for sales and marketing both. Gosh! I guess there are enough reasons to give this platform a try and it doesn’t cost a thing.

With a woman friendly budget, govt. Schemes and platforms like PinkDesk, the future for business minded women is brighter than ever. Make a new beginning! The wave of women empowerment is catching up so catch the tide before it gets higher enough to get hold of and surf as you both sail high!

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