How I Created My Identity From A Housewife To A Blogger
How I Created My Identity From A Housewife To A Blogger

How I Created My Identity From A Housewife To A Blogger

I grew up in a middle-class family where a girl or woman was presumed to live on adjustments, making sacrifices for the family.  I too had imbibed these thoughts in my mind. After marriage, I was a housewife by choice and I was very happy spending quality time with my family.

My family was my only world.  I enjoyed doing all the household chores for them thinking that as my duty. But as time passed by, my children grew up and got engaged in their stuff; I began to feel some kind of emptiness in my life and I was unable to cope with the free time.

Consequently, I started feeling low and sad without any reason.  My husband got worried about why this was happening to me all of a sudden. He advised me to join some yoga class.

I joined Yoga class although I was not very enthusiastic. It occupied me for one or two hours of my day. However, that was not enough to remove my vacuum which was created in my mind.  I started joining my friends on one-day picnics or for shopping or even meditation programs. But I still yearned for something more.

I was feeling lonely in the crowd.  My husband asked me if I would like to do a job. But I was not very confident of doing a job as I thought I won’t be able to balance the work life and home.

One day, out of the blue, I thought of writing my feelings in a diary. I just went on writing without thinking much and then I felt relieved to a great extent. That was the ‘aha’ moment when it clicked me. I had forgotten that my writing skills were appreciated by everyone in my school and college days. That time I used to write a lot of articles and essays.

My teachers and friends also said that I would become a very good writer. But after completing my education, it was somehow left aside. When I shared this with my husband, he suggested me to write blogs on the internet. I was not very much techno-savvy but still, I learned to browse on the internet and then I realized how tremendously it has captured the world!

Soon I learned how to do blogging and started my own blog. I shared it only with my near and dear ones. My feeling of emptiness now vanished completely.  I had found a way to express myself through writing. However, as I started to receive appreciation from my family, I wanted to spread it to more and more people.

After all, the reader’s appreciation is the most important motivation for a writer, right? So I then started to share my blog on Facebook and Whatsapp. But there also it was mostly unnoticed.

I had never thought of earning any money through blogging until I came across Pink Desk who claimed to be a platform meant for empowering women. I found that they had some kind of performance measurement system for generating scores for your blogs and according to your score, you can even earn money.

I was fascinated by this idea. So I started blogging there.  Soon I received good applause that motivated me. Moreover, I also earned the PD Score which in turn gave me PD Cash that I could use to buy any products from the nearby stores that were available on PinkDesk.

I am now mostly occupied with writing, socializing, learning new things and so on and so welcome this change. At this moment when I look back, I see a complete transformation of myself from a depressed housewife to a successful blogger.

Looking back at myself, I realize that there is so much more to us, so much that often remains dormant and so many women don’t even get an opportunity to realize their true potential. But, there is a little voice inside which does call you out, which lets you know when your true self is craving for something more. Listen to it and start exploring, who knows when and where you find your calling!

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