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Gardening Tips: 7 Ways to Properly Care for Your Garden

The maintenance of the garden is an indispensable step to preserve its aesthetics and the durability of its favorite plants. But it takes time, energy and patience. Here are 7 gardening tips to properly care for your garden with less effort.

Planting shrubs that do not require too much maintenance

The gardening tips seem obvious, but it is rarely done. There are a very large number of shrubs that do not require or very little maintenance. These are to be preferred, especially if you have massifs or flowerbeds (and of course a vegetable garden) that, they require a lot of maintenance. For your hedges, your borders, the isolated corners or hard to reach, therefore, prefer easy to live shrubs that do not require or little maintenance.

Tip: For remote areas poor soils and unsightly slopes, consider using ground cover plants. They do not require maintenance, grow on their own and prevent weeds from growing (they take their place !) without harming the Earth. On the contrary, ground covers allow to conserve soil moisture and are shelters for an entire ecosystem good for the Earth!


Eliminate weeds as they grow

The first of the secrets of efficient and serene garden maintenance is not to be overwhelmed. We must, therefore, weed as we go along. We maintain a short time, but often, this is the greatest of the tips for maintaining your garden. This prevents the weeds from sinking their roots too deep and avoids the fatigue that can quickly come when you have to spend 3 days in a row weeding.

Use pasta cooking water for weeding

If you have been overwhelmed by weeds, do not use pesticides! Keep the cooking water of your pasta. When you want to kill weeds with deep and solid roots, warm this water and then pour it to the foot. In a few days, the weeds treated in this way will be dead; you will only have to remove them to put them in compost.

Schedule maintenance

The other secret, of course, is planning. Knowing well in advance when and how you need to trim, harvest, sow, return, etc. will make you more effective. Depending on your different plants and your desires, organize an annual plan of maintenance of your garden to see more clearly and be efficient.

Mulching the soil: the art of mulching

  • Mulching is a great technique with many advantages :
  • It largely prevents weeds from growing by covering the soil ;
  • It retains soil moisture and therefore helps your plants grow and withstand any drought periods ;
  • By decomposing, it nourishes your soil and enriches it with its nutrient intakes ;
  • It has a pretty charming rustic decorative effect.
  • You can buy your mulch… or do it yourself!

Make compost and mulch yourself

Do you have many trees and shrubs to cut? Never mind that: when pruning and pruning, grind the plants to make mulching and compost. Coarse grinding can be used as mulching; fine grinding can be used as compost. By recycling your plants yourself, you optimize the maintenance of your garden and achieve savings.

Do not over-maintain your garden

Finally, the last secret is not to over-maintain your garden if you want to be able to maintain it easily. Laying bare soil everywhere, all the time, paving, terracing, paving slabs, over weeding and more are the best ways to make your garden dependent on your intervention.

A garden is an ecosystem that can quickly balance itself pretty much: observe it, analyze it and let it do a little; it will thank you by being even more beautiful.

And of course, you can also call on a professional gardener who can effectively maintain your garden … without you having to do anything! Then choose a professional more than Pro recommended by its customers.

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