Maintenance Tips for Pool Equipment

Having proper pool equipment is vital to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. Here we’ve mentioned maintenance tips for pool equipment that every pool owner should know. These tips will not only sustain the life of your pool equipment but will also provide sparkling and clear pool water.

Clean your Pool Filters

Pool filters do the heavy lifting to prevent visible dirt and debris from entering your pool. It is, therefore, necessary to change regularly. Swimming pool filters are of three different types, and each type has a different maintenance requirement.

  • Cartridge Filter: Cartridge filters easily capture any dust, dirt or impurities that attempt to pass through it. This filter only requires two times cleaning in an entire season and prevents particles passing from 10 – 15 microns.
  • Diatomaceous Earth Filter:E. filters are different from the other two types. This filter uses a unique system of exoskeleton grids and prevents as small as 2-5 microns particles to pass through it. It regularly requires replacement of D.E. minerals.
  • Sand Filter: Sand filters are the most popular, best quality, and least expensive filters available in the market. It contains a thick bed of special-grade sand to filter a large quantity of swimming pool water over a short period. Also, replace the sand filter periodically for best results.

Ideally, filters should be cleaned before any deterioration is noticed in water quality. To avoid having problem, regularly monitor the flow between the pressure gauge and the flow meter in the pool. If you don’t know the type of your filter and proper process of cleaning, you can call a professional to do the job.

Inspect and clean your Pump

A pump is the heart of the swimming pool, which circulates water in the pool. Without this vital equipment, dirt, algae, and bacteria can contaminate in water. It also prevents the stagnation of pool water and maintains its hygiene for swimming.

Generally, pool pumps are self-priming, But in most cases, you’ll need to clean out the strainer basket inside regularly. When you check the basket, also inspect the condition of the gaskets that seals the lid of the Pump and if it is cracked or damaged, replace it. Otherwise, the lid won’t be able to form the seal that’s needed to keep the Pump in operation. If you notice a severe problem like water leakage, call a professional like ONGA pumps Brisbane to help you.

Regularly check the Pool heaters

The pool heaters are great amenities if someone is looking to enjoy the benefits of a pool year-around. They enable you to swim even in cold season comfortably with accurate temperature regulation. There are different kinds of pool heaters, like natural, solar, and electric heaters. You can winterize the pool heater during off-seasons months or occasionally de-lime the heater exchange.

Also, regularly check the gas supply in your pool heater to ensure that it is working correctly. If you detect any problem with the heater, use filters, horse or electrics to prevent the issues, and if you are unable to fix the problem, call a professional for repair or replacement.

Use Pool Cover

A pool cover is the unsung heroes of your swimming pool and acts as a barrier to access. There are different types of pool covers: winter, automatic, hidden, thermal, solar, and safety pool covers. These pool covers can save your extra investments on water, energy, maintenance, and also prevent accidents.

Chemical Test Kit

For protecting your investment and family health, the chemical testing kit is the foremost thing to do. There are two different types of testing kits, including “test strip” and “drop” kits. These kits help in measuring the full range of the chemical levels: chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, and acid demand in your pool.

Proper and routine pool chemical level testing is essential for long-span of your pool. It will not only prevent your pool and equipment from damaging but will keep you and your family swimming in healthy, sanitary water.

Schedule Appointment

Whether You need an expert or Not, at least once a years schedule an appointment with a pool service professional ONGA pumps Brisbane to maintain your pool’s equipment – pumps, filters, heating systems and many more.

Before you fix an appointment, take a thorough look at your pool as a whole and if the problem is small try to fix yourself and save your money. Also create a prior list of any leaks, holes you see in the pool, loud sound coming from the pool equipment, or odd smell in the water.

Final thoughts

If you have a swimming pool, you must ensure and take care of it. Also, follow these tips mentioned above for the maintenance of pool equipment and will extend the life and efficiency of your pool equipment.

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