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10 Decorating Tips for Your First Place


So you’ve chosen a new place, and you’re finally ready to move in and call it home. But the whole place is bare and needs furnishings and decorations here and there. It can be quite a difficult task, but the thing is, it’s your own place, and you have the liberty to decorate it in any way you want.

If the task ahead looks a bit daunting, don’t fret. We’ve gathered some tips so you can decorate your first place much easier, exactly or at the very least, close to how you want it to look like.

Plan ahead

Any home improvement project needs proper planning, but the necessity increases when you’re moving in for the first time and have to deal with the decorations. After all, nobody wants to be short of cash upon seeing the perfect couch or that adorable corner cabinet. It would help a lot if you do a little legwork before anything else in order to avoid bumping into unpleasant situations along the way.

Reuse and repurpose

Repurposing some stuff from your old home may seem like the last thing you want to do, but while waiting for all the brand new stuff to arrive, or if you haven’t bought anything yet, your old design elements will fill up all that place.

Maybe the old table simply needs a little varnishing, your old textbooks may need some dusting off, or your curtains need a bit of washing. You can still make them look new with a little bit of elbow grease. Use your imagination and resourcefulness.

Prioritize furniture

It is wise to invest in quality furniture because these things last for a long time. New paint is exciting, yes, but it will eventually fall out style, not to mention that it has the potential to make your new place look horrid if you chose the wrong colors. Invest in something that you can use and will last. And furniture fills up the place too.

Buy furniture without stains or varnishes

Good furniture is essential, but if you’re short on cash, buying unfinished pieces can be the solution. The lack of a top coating on a chair may look unsightly, but this will cost less than the pieces you see in fancy showrooms. The benefit of buying unfinished pieces is that you can see them in your raw form.

The manufacturers won’t be able to hide the flaws in that piece that may be hiding under paint or varnish. If in case you think it’s too bare, you can always coat it yourself. Read some tips off of textbooks or on the internet. Your creativity might surprise you.

Shop second hand

Thrift stores are your best friend. Find out your local thrift store’s schedule which days they accept new inventory so you can scour the whole area for some interesting stuff. You can also turn to online sources and watch out for freecyle ventures or auctions.

If you want new books for your mini library, there are sites that allow you to buy used textbooks that you may find useful. Alternatively, you can sell your old and used textbooks to minimize clutter and replace them with something new to read.

Pick your favorite colors

Before you go all crazy with colors, think carefully about it first and be sure you’ve chosen a color you really love. There are some free palettes from your local home improvement store that you can choose from. If you’ve made your picks, take samples of each and paint small squares of each color of the room or the wall. Always go for the color you like best. It’s your own crib after all.

Make your own decor

Your choice of decor always depend on taste, so if you can make time, why not DIY your decor instead of paying for them? If you like taking photos, frame some of your best shots. If you’re a beach bum, decorate your new place with seashells and striking colors. If you’re a painter, hang some of your masterpieces. It’s a matter of personal interpretation.

Simplicity is beauty

You can never go wrong with a minimalist style. Aside from being pleasing to look at, it will also cost you less and this style is always in.

Decorate one area at a time

Before making massive changes to the interior, you should at least live in your new home first. Allow yourself to settle in so you can get a better feel of the vibe. Stop the urge to replace the old kitchen cabinets immediately. You don’t wanna end up regretting your initial decision. Always think of the best way you can maximize the space and give the area a better look.

Hire a student designer

If you have a strong sense of personal style, that’s good. But if you know you don’t have one, don’t even attempt making changes to your new place — hire a student designer instead. These eager youngsters have a lot of ideas and they don’t charge much too.

Student designers are a great find because they are often looking to improve their skills and build their portfolios. Start calling some design schools in your area or post an ad on social media. There’s a huge chance a ton of students will be clamoring to transform your new place into something much more pleasant to live in.

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