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For any field that we have today, may it be researching, baking enterprises, computers are essential everywhere. As the use of computers in our day to day life increases, so does the need for the computed resources. Such companies, Google, Microsoft which tackles the resources as and when they need it is not a problem. But when it comes to smaller companies that face problems like machines failure, drive crashes, software bugs and more. This might be a big headache for every individual for each company. This is when Cloud Computing offers a solution to this situation. Cloud computing service provider is internet-based computing that specifically provides various applications and services such as infrastructure, networking with low cost,  storage, servers, and on-demand self-service, reasonable price, rapid elasticity and more. But, more importantly, it is one of the keywords of the IT industry today.

One of the top IT solution companies here in the Philippines is a cloud computing company wherein they have numerous partnerships with different big companies which has a cloud computing service in their system. By this, it became an instant reliable source of the company’s local and international clients.  These developments were a very essential for the company apart from capitalizing on the success reached in the past years with their own growth of the brand, it also occurred around the time that it changes numerously in the technology industry today. Moreover, there are a lot of benefits in joining a top IT solution company today, such as Rapid and easy deployment this is about the Enterprises that can provide and offer new services and applications to their customers without or installing new computing capacity to support these services. Simply the enterprises will buy the needed computing capacity from cloud providers, therefore saving time for making data centers and hiring new staff to implement the new services.  You don’t need to unnecessary hardware, software licenses or professional services, a company can get its cloud-computing planning off the ground in minutes.

Next is the known disaster recovery, which backs up important files in the computer. Thus, this cloud computing benefits such as cost efficiency, scalability, and flexibility have come on the upper list of benefits that excite enterprises about the cloud paradigm. These efforts have demonstrated a successful operation when, in the following years, it has gathered numerous partnership and awards including being named as among the country’s top three tech startups along with big names such as Zalora and Lazada in 2016, being recognized in the 2017 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award and more. Until this day, this company has been one of the top IT companies in the Philippines, promoting a digitally-savvy society and delivering solutions no matter how difficult the challenges are in the company. Hence,  having a cloud computing service provider in a company is very essential today. The essence of the concept of cloud computing is to deliver end-users with remote active access to services, computing resources and applications over the Internet for the company itself. Transforming its workflow to suit the digital era that we have today does not mean swelling your manpower. Rather, it reduces costs while giving yourself an edge over your competition with the Philippines’ top cloud computing company. 

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