How do I fix the AOL error AC 3000
How do I fix the AOL error AC 3000

Buddy List does not appear at AOL sign in

When it comes to discussing the features of AOL mail, then one thing that undoubtedly stands out and gets noticed is the ‘Buddy List.’ Among all the other services offered by AOL such as managing the address book, adding the signature, autocorrect options or more; the Buddy List surely has its added advantages. The list includes your friends, family members, colleagues and more.

Whenever they sign into their AOL account, their name pops up on the Buddy List screen, and then you can easily have a conversation with them. But what if, you find that the list fails to appear when your buddy signs in at any time. In this case, you won’t be notified whenever your friend signs in to their account, and thereby not leaving you the option of communicating with them. This issue can arise due to a technical glitch.

You can resolve the error manually by applying some secure solutions. Read the blog and understand how to get rid of this snag. Anyhow, you can always connect with the aol customer care number experts at any time.

There can be different reasons associated with this error. It usually depends on the user to the user and the operating system, server, etc. they are operating the AOL mail on. This blog shares some of the standard solutions for resolving this error.

The common solution for resolving the Buddy List not appearing on AOL sign-in error

Solution 1- The users can set up the preferences to ‘automatic’, so that the Buddy List shows on screen as soon as your buddy signs in

Solution 2- Log out of the AOL mail, close the programs and restart the system. Now again log in to the mail and see if the error is resolved

Solution 3- Take a look at the software preferences and ensure that ‘Buddy list’ is added.

Solution 4- Back up the files from your AOL software, uninstall it and then reinstall AOL in the system.

Following, are some of the effective solutions that you can try to execute for solving the error. You can also get in touch with the mail experts at aol support phone number by dialling the toll-free number.

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