10 Best Universities in Canada and Acceptance Rate

Canada is one of the countries in the world that have quality education, and these have reflected on them having the best universities and acceptance rates. The ranking of these universities in Canada has been compared with other universities in the United States of America. In these institutions their students have been known to participate in research work in different fields.

These Canadian universities also offer affordable international students acceptance rates for those who want to study in Canada either for undergraduate or postgraduate studies. The number of students choosing Canada in order to study has increased. In this article, you are going to see the best universities in Canada and the acceptance rate for you to make your choice.

Best Universities in Canada and Acceptance Rate

The following are the numerous universities and their rate:

University of British Columbia:

This is one of the best universities in Canada that was founded in the year 1908. It is known for its quality education and research work.

They have a massive population of students, in which 25% of these students are foreigners. The school campus is located away from the main campus which is known as Vancouver Campus, and their acceptance rate is 52%.

University of Waterloo

If you are in need of a hub for technology, you better include this school in your plans. The institution has created a meaningful impact on the life of students.

It was established in the year 1957, and it will surprise you to know for good eleven years that the University of Waterloo has always been number one as the most comprehensive research university in Canada. Their acceptance rate is 53%.

Simon Fraser University

The institution comprises three campuses namely; Surrey, Vancouver, and Burnaby. It is one of the youngest universities in Canada that have grown rapidly in terms of students.

Fortunately, they bagged an official accreditation from Northwest Commission on different Colleges and universities. The acceptance rate for Simon Fraser University is 56%.

Dalhousie University

This institution has been in existence for more than two decades ago. Students of this school can have access to various campuses such as Nova Scotia, Halifax, and Truro.

The school is quite exceptional with 180-degree programs for students, and students across the globe are benefitting massively. Its acceptance rate is 62%.

University of Victoria

It is located on the West Coast of Canada and came into existence in 1903. One key thing to know is a renowned university by the Lekwungen-speaking people.

Presently, they accommodate about 21,800 students. Some examples of these undergraduate studies are earth, literature, marine science, etc. Its acceptance rate is 63%.

York University

This is one of the best universities in Canada with more than 5,000 students. York University has many faculties, with different courses for students to enroll.

Examples of these courses that students can enroll in are business school, law school, and others. The acceptance rate for York University is 27%.

Western University

You don’t need to find it difficult to locate the school because it can be found in Ontario. There are over 24,000 students who have enrolled in this institution for several degree programs.

Initially, they started with programs such as medicine, law, art, and later expanded in terms of structures. Western University acceptance rate is 30%.

McGill University

McGill University is situated in Montreal, Quebec. The institution has been in existence for a long time. It was founded in 1802, and a whole lot of transformation has taken place.

Although Canada is a French-speaking country, lectures in this school are being taught in the English language. Its acceptance rate is 42%.

University of Alberta

This institution is one of the universities where several pieces of research are carried out. It is situated in Edmonton, Alberta.

They have four different campuses, and international students find learning in this school exciting. As a result of this, foreign students from more than 100 countries are in this school, and its acceptance rate is 51%.

University of Ottawa

There are some peculiarities that can be ascribed to this school. The lectures in the school are being taught in both English and French languages. Students across the globe have enrolled in this institution. In the aspect of field studies, this school performs well too in courses such as social sciences, medicine, law, etc. Its acceptance rate is 54%.

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If you are thinking of studying in Canada, there are various options in terms of acceptance rate. However, scholarships in Canada for African students are present on most of these universities highlighted above. You need to find out one to go with your budget. The majority of students are in Canada to study because they have the right facilities to facilitate easy research.

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