Top tips to Get SoundCloud followers in 2020
Top tips to Get SoundCloud followers in 2020

Top tips to Get SoundCloud followers in 2021

If you are struggling to break through on SoundCloud, maybe you haven’t hit that first 1000 or 10000 thousand plays. SoundCloud is still super valuable. This post is all about how you can get attraction and followers on SoundCloud in 2021.

In 2021 streaming is now has become more and more popular for music. There are many platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, apple music. However, SoundCloud is still one of the viral because in a lot of ways it still connects to social networks of music.

With SoundCloud, you can comment, communicate, and interact with your friends. It is very valid because of the most popular platform for music. Let us discuss these 10 tips.


The first one does not have to do with SoundCloud itself, it has to do with you. The quality of your music has to be absolutely viral for standing out on SoundCloud.

If you want to succeed on SoundCloud, you have to be at least 80% as good as the top artists. So to be successful on SoundCloud, you need to at least have 80 % quality of your music you spy in order to put your step forward.


This goes into whole quality vs quantity debate and it comes down to quantity, almost serve consistency, as consistency is very important. A song has a specific life span, it actually gets shorter and shorter.

You get a lot of attraction from YouTube support blog support from your friends, you gain followers, fans and listens to and it reaches the peak. And it steeply starts to cut off. And the track quickly becomes forgotten for the most part unless it is a masterpiece.

If you putting one song every two months, then you are not going to stand out, you are quick to be forgotten. So to be successful you need to put the song consistently. So you need a really good balance on quality and consistency.

Once your track hits the peak of its plays and falls then you drop the next track and every other new people who just started paying attention to you are going to listen to a new song and it going to keep up getting you some more new followers.

Download Gates

It is a little less useful in 2021. A download gate is a website, a technique that you can use to set up a download figure song, where someone downloads your song instead of asking for money you ask for some sort of social currency.

That could be SoundCloud follower, Facebook like, repost or even comment. Those going to be a website like an artist union, fan gate, hive, there are so many right now. When someone downloads your track they have to like it, repost, follow you. This will generally result in more listening to your music in the future. If it is good enough it will get the attraction. So it is recommended to use a download gate in 2021.

Using Download gate stuff other than music providing values

One way download gate is still valuable as it provides some sort of value to your audience. For example, you write a blog that can be only accessible through the download gate. You can create a really desirable item, the property of some sort.

This way you can get lots of free SoundCloud plays and Followers. If someone needs to download a sample pack or something then they need to use the download gate. This way you will get weigh more downloads than a song to download the gate.

Repost trading or Joining repost circles

There are two short things. The first one is repost trading where you can go to the website and essentially put your song upon them and ask for bids that someone can offer to repost it. You reposting one of their songs and the reason behind bids is mainly depends on the followers you have.

If you have 15 SoundCloud followers then you can ask 15k to do trade. Then you need to select their song and make an offer.

If you really knew Soundcloud using these websites to just create all these reposts. This is really useful because reposting on SoundCloud is one of the best things. So you have to take advantage of these repost networks.

You can also set a repost network with your friends. Then everyone gets each other support every time you put out a song.

Using Other social media

This may seem very obvious by using your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram; Snapchat to push your song is very beneficial. The main advice is to grow your social media separately, and not just making those soft promotional platforms.

You want to give people the reason to follow your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter accounts. You have to provide value by putting through content on these platforms.

These social media are a great way to get the initial attractions, especially your personal Facebook account. Because other of your social media probably can be as small as your SoundCloud range, but your personal Facebook has your friends and they already interact with you.

You can message them privately your best friend, ask them for support. If you are fairly new to grow SoundCloud or social media overall then your friends are very likely to support you. So use your social media to grow on SoundCloud.

YouTube promotion Channel to grow your SoundCloud

On YouTube, there are tons of channels that exclusively upload other people’s music. Every time you put up a song then you can connect with these channels. Collect dozen on them in a spreadsheet and email them personally one by one.

If one percent of those downloads your songs then you will get more followers than the day before. So using YouTube promotional networks to actually get your music heard is very beneficial. YouTube is a very valid way of promoting your music in 2021.

Joining the community

SoundCloud is very much like a social network where you can communicate, repost, comment, private messaging. If you join the community then you start to find order and participate in their work. It is recommended to find a musician you love and give them constructive, creative and kind feedback. Listen to their music, tell them you like about it, and tell them you checked a couple of their song.

Don’t ever ask them to check out your song but just be a part of the community and participate in their work and you are more likely to build a community and have people to start to connect with yours. Being part of the community is a great way of building an inner circle.


Branding means really perfecting how your SoundCloud looks. You need to have really clean links, taking advantage of the image and the header on top of it. Having a really good name that really easy for people to search and remember that probably related.

The sooner you build the brand, build consistent sound. Then it will help people to follow you and will recognize your song in their feed and more likely to check it out again later.

These are the tips you can grow on Soundcloud in 2021. SoundCloud is very valid even if you are starting from ground zero. It’s never too late; you can get first hundred, the first thousand even ten thousand SoundCloud plays and followers.

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