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What is the best career option? Java or Salesforce

Being a Software developer, your most important decision is what platform or language you should focus on for the betterment of your career. The choice certainly depends upon the market conditions like which language employers are searching for. But the major factor is the type of work you enjoy. If you enjoy playing soccer, then you cannot opt for handball. Though both are outdoor games, and both have the common subject “ball.” But interest really matters! Similarly, Salesforce and Java both are software development platforms, but depending upon the interest.” only you can choose your career.

In this blog, we’ll discuss which software platform is best for you between Java and Salesforce. We’ll discuss various perspectives in the career of both technologies.

Let’s begin!

I began my career as a Java Developer learning Java in the Company Training Program. It was extreme, first and foremost, however, I got a grip on it with the assistance of Google. I am still learning it and enhancing different parts of Java step by step. In any case, different Companies of IT prefer academic learning as opposed to the handy information. They need you to recollect the line number 4 on page number 32 of Java books and they pose inquiries similarly.

In any case, honestly, that is only a piece of an issue that can be settled with involvement.

Why Java and why SalesForce

SalesForce was the principal association to provide the SaaS (Software as a Service) scenario relating to cloud computing. I think they are as yet giving similar administrations however in a further developed manner. Learning SalesForce would restrict you to their environment (Salesforce1 Platform: Build, applications for each job, and office. – Salesforce.com). Though it is easy to adapt and simple to work however there are not many open doors right now (When contrasted and Java Developer).

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Whereas, if you work as a Java developer in an initial couple of years, you will get a low compensation But after certain years of experience and certifications, you will be earning well. The loops change by itself if you are changing the organizations. It could be characterized as beneath:


Here $ = Money that you will procure, W=Work on java in Development, and Y is complete long periods of work.

Whereas, working as a Salesforce Developer will give you more possibilities on the development side as there are numerous undertakings which are as yet being improved or organizations need to construct their task on the equivalent.

I’ll take examples and viewpoints of outdoor games Soccer and Handball to understand the broadness of Java and Salesforce. You can see below two images of goal post: one is of Soccer, and the other is Handball.

Point 1. Similarities

Both Java and Salesforce have 90% similarities. Like Soccer and Handball, both have a common concept of playing, that is, goals, playing with a ball, etc. Similarly, both Java and Salesforce are also the same. Both share the same concept that is, software development.

Point 2. Platform

Though Soccer and Handball both are almost similar, Soccer is played using kicks, and handball is played using hand throws. Similarly, Java and Salesforce both are software development platforms, but Java is a fully coded platform, whereas Salesforce is a pre-developed platform which we can customize as per the requirements of the business. In short, Java is used to develop software, and Salesforce is used to customize CRM.

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Point 3. Goals

The goal perspective of Soccer is large as compare to Handball. Similarly, Java is in the industry for long and is not at all going anywhere due to high security. But the Salesforce goal is limited to design purposes only. Since the businesses nowadays are dependent upon CRM for their sales, Salesforce is becoming popular.

Point 4. Prerequisites

Following are the prerequisites required to become a Java developer:-

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs)
  • Knowledge of Java ecosystem like Struts, Spring, Maven, Gradle, Ant, Junit, Spock, and Hibernate
  • Communication skills are an obvious requirement
  • Databases (CRUD operations, joins, indexing, and aggregations)
  • It’s all around JVM
  • Memory management

Following are the prerequisites required to become a Salesforce developer:-

  • Salesforce is around Java (really!)
  • Good knowledge of Java programming (including Object Oriented Programming)
  • Fundamental knowledge of OOPs (Object Oriented Programming)
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript Programming (Web development)
  • Knowledge of RDBMS and SQL database triggers
  • Hands-on best practices in Java
  • Knowledge of REST and SOAP

Point 5. Salaries

There are so many Java developers in the industry. You may find every 3rd technology student becoming a Java programmer. Due to this, the salary of a Java developer is stagnant. On the other hand, due to the less availability of Salesforce developers, payscale in this technology is going high.

Salary of a Java developer

Salary of a Salesforce developer

What to do now?

If you are an IT fresher, there are fewer chances that companies will hire you as a Salesforce developer. For this, you need prior experience in Java. And if you are looking for a career in Java development, then also, you are required to have hands-on expertise in the same. Gaining certification in both technologies will also help.


In other words, if you are a passionate coder and have certain of making your software or architecture, then Java ought to be your call.

Salesforce is a pre-built CRM, and as a developer, you will be simply upgrading it, however, not building your very own CRM. That is the reason salesforce designers are known as consultants and not developers.

Salesforce certainly has more demand these days, as there are genuinely less Salesforce certified developers. A large portion of the customers is situated in the US and Europe. So, individuals who are situated outside these nations can get their door opened onsite; however with 2-3 years of experience in Salesforce.

On the other hand, Java has its very own place. This is utilized all over the place, from your portable devices (mobiles) to browsers, and so on.

Career development will come when you try sincerely and show energy. It doesn’t make a difference in which innovation or which work you do. The end of the day just matters is the cash in your hand, as a people, we are after that to live an extravagant life. But if you can make the most of your work alongside earning great money would be flawless.

In Short examination, about the two technologies, in a nutshell, think about your qualities and shortcomings and pick the right technology for your career enhancement. The choice is yours! Happy reading!

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