What Is Bakuchiol and How Can It Benefit Your Skin

Bakuchiol is a product that you may have been seeing in many creams, oils, and even serums. You can find a lot of bakuchiol Lotus Organics products online that are popular for a reason. In this article, we will talk about what bakuchiol is in the first place and what bakuchiol products can actually do for your skin.

What is Bakuchiol?

This is a skincare ingredient that is vegan and comes from the seeds and leaves of the Peorelea coryifolia plant. The plant is an antioxidant that can visibly decrease discoloration on the skin that can come from prolonged exposure to the environment and can soothe your skin. Bakuchiol is also known to decrease wrinkles and fine lines, which is why it is seen in skincare products these days. Research shows that topical applications can give you benefits for all different skin types.

How it Works

Bakuchiol is known to have soothing properties that minimize issues that come from reactivity and sensitivity and also comforts your skin. The potential antioxidant helps with signs of aging like loss of firmness and fine lines as it targets free radicals. The antioxidants protect the skin from environmental stressors and pollution that can damage your skin.

You will find bakuchiol in acne products as well because the calming and soothing properties can help with acne and also helps with skin that is showing signs of aging.

Benefits of Bakuchiol

Bakuchiol has a wide range of anti-aging benefits for the skin. It can decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while also restoring firmness, refining skin texture and also skin tone. It can help to calm and comfort skin, which is a good benefit for those that have sensitive and reactive skin.

When bakuchiol and retinol are put together, bakuchiol can help stabilize the effect and keep it that way for a longer time. Additionally, bakuchiol’s calming properties can also enable the skin to be able to tolerate higher amounts of retinol.

How to Use it

Skincare products that contain the extract of bakuchiol must always be applied to a cleansed neck and face. Products are to be applied from the thinnest to the thickest, so if the product you are using is a lightweight serum, then it has to be applied before you use a moisturizer. If you are applying bakuchiol in the morning, use a broad-spectrum SPF that is rated 30 or above after that.

Bakuchiol Oil or Bakuchiol Serum?

You may find that many products for skincare contain bakuchiol. But product texture is not something that would impact its efficacy. The concentration of bakuchiol is what matters, and research recommends 0.5-2% of it is ideal for you to get visible benefits.

If you want a lightweight formula, a bakuchiol serum or a treatment that is lotion-like is best as it can layer very easily with other products that are ‘leave-on in your routine. A bakuchiol oil, on the other hand, is suitable for skin that is dry and dehydrated. If you have a heavier formula that is oil-based, it is best to apply it at night as the last part of your routine.

How to Add Bakuchiol to your routine?

Adding a product that has bakuchiol is relatively easy. It is suggested that it be applied daily once or twice, but only after cleansing and toning, and after you apply an AHA or BHA exfoliant that is leave-on. If you’re using a serum, as mentioned before, use it before using the moisturizer, and after serum if the product is a bakuchiol moisturizer. If you’re using an oil, use it at night or in the morning with non-SPF skincare products.


Bakuchiol is an excellent addition to your routine if you want something organic, safe, and a product that has multiple skin benefits. It is mostly found in anti-aging products but can also be in products for acne-treatment and can give your skin a youthful look. As mentioned, you can find a range of bakuchiol Lotus organics products online, so you can choose what you want it for and what product precisely so that you can get the most benefit.

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