Top 10 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse You can Buy
Top 10 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse You can Buy

Top 10 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse You can Buy

The gaming world has evolved in this decade to the extent that every gameplay requires fast movements. The instant movements have become a problem for most gamers as they are attained only with the mouse. The wired mouse has a problem in which the wire limits the gameplay. The wire usually gets stuck around the corners of the table. These hurdles have been greatly criticized by the gaming community around the globe.

At the moment when the gamers were complaining about it, the top manufacturers were developing a solution. They came out with a solution which was a wireless gaming mouse. The Bluetooth gaming mouse is user-friendly and is used widely used around the world for its portability.

The wireless gaming mouse was developed to counter all the problems related to movement, usage, and lifespan. Every company came with up new designs and qualities which uniquely differed from each other. If you have concerns regarding the latency of a wired mouse versus wireless then you shouldn’t worry about it. The innovation of wireless gaming mouse has surprised many gamers. In the games, they feel no difference between a wired and a wireless one. Razer, Logitech, and Steel series have introduced a variety of wireless gaming mice in the market. They all are very comparable to each other with competitive prices. Here are the top 10 2021 wireless gaming mouse that you will surely like to try once. We have mentioned features as well to make you decide easily which best suits your requirement.

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse for Gaming

The G502 has a lightspeed wireless technology which in a short time became a fan favorite. This Logitech wireless gaming mouse has many buttons that can be configured by gamers. This mouse has the capability to wireless charge if you buy a Logitech wireless system.

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse for Gaming Features

  • For right-handed gamers
  • 16000 DPI
  • Lightspeed Technology
  • Weights can be added for more stability
  • Buttons can be configured

The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse For Gaming

Corsair came out with Harpoon RGB to compete in the market. The gamers can get this mouse at an affordable price which is just $50 which makes it the best cheap wireless gaming mouse. This mouse also has many buttons that can be utilized by gamers. The best part is that it’s an RGB mouse meaning you can change the color of your mouse.

The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse For Gaming Features

  • It has 45 hours of battery life which a gamer requires
  • Up to 10000 DPI
  • Weighs very little (99g only)
  • Bluetooth connectivity through 2.4ghz dongle
  • 6 buttons configuration
  • Mouse lights can be changed
  • Has both wireless and wired capabilities

Logitech G903 Mouse For Gaming

A successor to Logitech G900 which was introduced last year. G900 won the heart of many in the last year but G903 is at a different level. It is the best Logitech gaming mouse out there in the market. It has wireless charging capabilities from a Logitech Powerplay mouse pad. The appearance has sharp looks which give a gamer a wonderful experience and comfort.

Logitech G903 Mouse For Gaming Features

  • Up to 140 hours of battery life
  • Weigh can vary between 110 to 120 grams by adding weights
  • Lightspeed technology
  • 11 buttons for diverse configuration

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Gaming Mouse

Razer came out with the best ergonomic mouse in the market. It perfectly fits the right hand and the design is stunning. It has a DPI button, so if you are a sniper then this can help you a lot. Apart from all the specifications, you can change the color of the scroll and logo.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Gaming Mouse Features

  • Advanced optical sensor (Focus+)
  • 20000 DPI
  • Battery life up to 100 hours
  • A reasonable weight of 107 grams
  • 11 buttons can be configured
  • It can be turned into a wired or wireless mouse

Razer Lancehead Gaming Mouse

Razer Lancehead is a wireless gaming mouse with great lighting. Anyone who wants to show off can get this razer mouse. Apart from fancy design and lighting the specification is also mind-blowing. It has an Adaptive Frequency Technology which changes automatically depending on the signals.

Razer Lancehead Gaming Mouse Features

  • 5G optical mouse sensor
  • 16000 DPI
  • 9 buttons can be configured
  • 4ghz wireless connectivity
  • 50 hours of battery life
  • 111 g of weight

Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse For Gamers

Another Logitech innovated wireless gaming mouse which is designed for Esports. It has a new sensor which is a new technology compared with G903. It also helps the magnetic button which can be customized according to the needs of a gamer.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse For Gamers Features

  • Optical Hero 16k sensor
  • 16000 DPI
  • 7 buttons configuration
  • Lightspeed wireless technology
  • Battery life 60 hours and above
  • Weight of 80 grams

Steelseries Rival 650 Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries Rival 600 was a topic pick last year amongst gamers with good overall performance. Now we have SteelSeries Rival 650 which is more advance than 600 and outperforms it in many ways. It has 16g of weight which you can add for more stability. The best part of this mouse is that for just 15 min of charge you can get 10 hours of backup.

Steelseries Rival 650 Gaming Mouse Features

  • TrueMove3+ optical sensor
  • 12000 DPI
  • Right-handed mouse
  • It has a 7 button configuration
  • Battery life is limited to 24 hours
  • Dry weight is 121g but with weights added it can go up to 151g

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse

For any gamer who wants a long battery life for a wireless gaming mouse then Logitech G603 Lightspeed is the choice. Logitech has risen in this department to surpass the average battery life wireless mouse.

It doesn’t have fancy lights and glowing logos which seriously affects wireless mouse battery life. This quality makes this mouse stand out from its competitors and wins the crown in this category.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse Features

  • It has an Optical Hero Sensor
  • 12000 DPI
  • Right-handed
  • 6 customizable buttons
  • Lightspeed wireless technology
  • 500 hours of battery life
  • Weight of 88.9g

Logitech G604 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse

A top choice for players who like playing the DOTA series. All the buttons can be configured at your fingertips which can affect your gameplay positively. It doesn’t have fancy lights so that battery life cannot be compromised.

It has two modes known as performance mode and Bluetooth mode. In Bluetooth mode, the battery life can last for a couple of months which will make you hassle-free from the charging point of view. Whereas in performance mode the battery life is still mind-blowing.

Logitech G604 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse Features

  • Optical Hero 16k sensor
  • 16000 DPI
  • Right-handed mouse
  • 15 button configuration
  • Lightspeed wireless technology
  • The battery life of 240 hours (5.5 months in Bluetooth mode)
  • Weight 135g with batteries

Razer Mamba Mouse For Gamers

Razer has one more precious wireless gaming mouse in its pocket which can compete easily with its rivals. The most precession mouse which gives up to 99.4% resolution accuracy. The mouse inherits an Adaptive Frequency Technology which makes it lag-free and lowers latency. The mouse is very comfortable and designed to appeal to many gamers with its glowing logo.

You can change the color of the logo according to your taste from the software which razer provides. The mouse has the best scroll-wheel compared to its rivals. This mouse stands out from others and it’s a must-have peripheral. Summing up all the qualities this is the best wireless gaming mouse in the market.

Razer Mamba Mouse For Gamers Features

  • It has an Advanced Optical sensor
  • Battery up to 50 hours and it is rechargeable
  • Connectivity can be wireless or wired
  • 7 buttons can be configured
  • A weapon for right-handed gamers
  • Its weight is 96g


These mice are the best in the market and have a lot of additional features. Every mouse is unique and inherits its type of specifications. There might be other brands in the market but according to surveys and response from gamers, these are the only mouse which stands in line. Although the gaming mouse price fluctuates depending on the model you require, even the higher price will do justice.


What is DPI?

It is an abbreviation of dots per inch. It’s a terminology used for mouse movement.

Are all brands the same as Razer, Logitech, or Steel Series?

No. Every brand has its uniqueness and qualities. These products differ in specifications from each other. E.g. Razer mouse is mostly with a matte finish and a more aggressive look.

Response time of the wired mouse compared to the wireless mouse is the same?

Yes. Modern technology has evolved so much that the response time of both are considered equivalent, in some cases wireless mouse surpasses the wired mouse. If you look at razer Adaptive frequency technology it adopts lag-free and low latency qualities.

What is the latency?

In simple words, less latency results in a good response time for your mouse.

Why gaming mouse is expensive?

They are specially designed from a gamer’s perspective. Their usage gives the gamer an absolute experience that cannot be described in words. There is also a cheap wireless gaming mouse available in the market as well, only you have to do is search for it at a reasonable price.

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