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The Best Toilet Paper 2021

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In the wake of the pandemic last year, toilet papers, among other such daily necessities, had started going off the shelves as soon as they’d stock up. A lot of places had even started hoarding toilet paper to increase their prices.

Therefore, to be on the safer side with their supplies, people started to stock up toilet paper in advance. However, if you are also among the buyers who purchase bulk toilet paper, you need to know which one is exactly right for you and your family – you would not want to end up with rolls of toilet paper that do not suit anyone.

Below is a list of the best toilet papers in 2021, all rigorously tested by our professionals for strength, durability, and comfort.

Best Toilet Paper in 2021

  1. Charmin Ultra Soft – The first on our list is the Charmin Ultra Soft, the best value-for-money toilet paper on the list. It is ideal in terms of its use and comfort factor. Despite having excellent durability, the Charmin Ultra Soft dissolves in water in about a minute. However, this does not affect the overall choice as it is the perfect paper to use regularly. If you buy bulk toilet paper, we suggest purchasing the Charmin Ultra Soft.


  • Great comfort
  • Takes about a minute to dissolve in water
  • No tear during use


  • Could have had better durability


  1. Charmin Essentials Soft– Slightly less expensive than the Ultra Soft, the Charmin Essentials Soft is another great option for comfort and value. However, the Essentials Soft is slightly less durable than the Ultra Soft one. While the texture is great, it did take almost 2 minutes to dissolve in water which might pose a plumbing problem for some. However, it is a great choice when it comes to comfort and reliability.

Pros –

  • Very Comfortable to use
  • Great Durability

Cons –

  • It takes too much time to dissolve in water
  1. Cottonelle Ultra Clean Care- Cottonelle Ultra Clean Care is another favorite due to its durability and comfort. The Cottonelle’s texture was extremely comfortable despite being a single-ply paper. The only drawback it posed was that it tore apart too fast against a rough surface. Apart from that, it is reasonably priced, provides great comfort, and many buy Cottonelle while buying bulk toilet paper.

Pros –

  • Very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Thick paper despite being single-ply

Cons –

  • It could have been more durable
  • Tears up against a rough surface
  1. Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong– Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong is another great pick. It has good durability and a comfortable texture. It is considerably sturdy and fared moderately well against rough surfaces. However, it does not provide the softness of the other toilet papers in the list.

Pros –

  • Soft and comfortable to use
  • Good durability

Cons –

  • Could have been sturdier against rough surfaces
  1. Charmin Ultra Strong – True to its name, the Charmin Ultra Strong is the strongest and sturdiest toilet paper on this list. It fared the best against rough surfaces as it managed to leave almost no residue, unlike the others. So if you prefer strength and sturdiness over softness and comfort, then the Charmin Ultra Strong is the perfect choice for you.

Pros –

  • Ultra-strong
  • Great durability against rough surfaces


  • Could have been softer
  1. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush– The Quilted Northern Ultra Plush stayed true to its name – it indeed is a plush set of toilet papers. The texture was incredibly soft and comfortable. However, it was not as durable as the other – it did not maintain itself against rough surfaces. It also took a lot of time to dissolve, almost 1 minute and forty seconds, which again might be bad news for your plumbing system. If you are looking for a luxuriously comfortable set of toilet papers, we highly recommend the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush.

Pros –

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Luxurious paper

Cons –

  • Takes too long to dissolve
  • Could have had better durability against rough surfaces
  1. Great Value Ultra Strong – Walmart’s Great Value Ultra Strong is a soft and reliable toilet paper. Its softness is almost as good as Charmin Essentials, but it is not as durable. It dissolved entirely within the first 30 seconds and tore up quickly against rough surfaces. Thus it is not a great option for those looking for durability. However, if you only concentrate on comfort and softness, the Great Value Ultra Strong is a winner.


  • Great comfort


  • Not durable at all


All the above-mentioned toilet papers have been vigorously tested for comfort, softness, and strength. While it can seem confusing to choose among so many options, in the end, it boils down to what you deem the most important criteria for a toilet paper – strength, durability, comfort, or softness. We hope the above article has helped you reach your conclusion regarding purchasing the best toilet paper for you and your family.


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