Sleeve Packaging
Sleeve Packaging

Sleeve Box Packaging – A Guide to Sleeve box Style

The growing competition in today’s modern world has increased the market for sleeve box packaging in the market of custom boxes. Every brand and every business niche is spending a lot of its fortune on unique and premium packaging to beat the competitors and gain some position in the market. Box manufactures are bringing a new packaging style to cater to the needs of brands.
Box manufacturers try to incorporate different functions into the box styles to make packaging a wonderful experience for the brand as well as our customers. Sleeve boxes are one of the best options for packaging.

What are sleeve boxes?

Sleeve boxes are not a new term. They have been used in the packaging industry for a decade. But the recent technology advancements and customization options have made sleeve boxes the most used and preferred packaging style. Sleeve packaging boxes are not just trendy but also suitable for almost all types of products. You can customize your boxes according to your requirements. Sleeve boxes have two parts.

  • A tray
  • A sleeve

The tray slides inside the sleeve. The inner trays function is to store the products. The rigidity of the inner tray provides proficient storage. You can alter the sleeve in any way you want. Sleeve boxes are adjustable and can offer maximum protection to the packed products. Custom boxes wholesale offer you plenty of designs and layout for make boxes as per your taste. From material to graphics, everything can be done according to requirements. In short, you get complete control on every inch of your box.

Custom sleeves boxes are always preferred over simple sleeve boxes as they leave a nice impression on customers.

What material is used for sleeve packaging?

Sleeve boxes are usually manufactured from high-quality materials. A variety of materials are available in the market that brand owners can choose. The martial usually depends on product fragility and size. A few of the materials that are popular for sleeve boxes are.

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated stock

Just tell your box manufacturers about the kind of product you intend to place inside the box.

Choose the right box

As discussed custom sleeve boxes are specially crafted as per the product manufacturer’s demand. Sleeve boxes attract customers by creating suspense about the product. Sliding tray covered by sleeve provides the best presentation to your products. Choose your sleeves box shapes and materials so it can add charm to your product.

While customizing the size of your box make sure it doesn’t leave anyway space inside. Measure the length and internal dimensions of the box to make sure the product will fit perfectly inside the box. The right side of the box is not only important for the safety and security of your product but it is equally important for the good presentation of your box. It also decreases your box cost is extra material wastage is reduced shipping cost decrease due to smaller size.

The artwork on sleeve boxes

Custom sleeve boxes increase the worth of your product. Tray and sleeve packaging box can be enhanced in beauty by using various kinds of artworks. You can use these boxes as a canvas you can bring all your images in the form of a beautiful painting. You can also take the help of professional designers who are well aware of the latest trends in the packaging industry.

Any kind of text or pictures can be printed on sleeve boxes to make them according to your needs. Please boxes offer you hassle-free customization so you can impress your customers without taking any packaging stress. A right design on sleeve boxes means you’re no one can stop your product from being the best seller in the market. Choose color and design to make your packaging game on point. Include unique designs and print your brand logos and other important information on the box to make it unique and memorable.

Use the top space on sleeves to print brand information, taglines and product benefits to make your product recognizable for customers. Die-cut transparent window panes on top of the box will help customers to peek at the packed product without opening the box. This will build customer trust in the brand as they will know what product they will be getting without even touching the box.

Additional finishing options

Another edge of using sleeves boxes is amazing finishing options. With amazing finishing options like foil stamping, UV coating, matte/glossy lamination and many more will make your simple box go a luxury high-end sleeve packaging box. Personalized sleeve boxes are your ultimate chance to make your brand an appeal and eye-catching brand. Brands use fine inks and amazingly durable material to stand out in the market.

Benefits of sleeve boxes:

  • Sleeve boxes are best for keeping products safe. These boxes keep the texture and quality of the product intact.
  • The sliding tray makes these boxes best for gifting and presentation
  • Sleeve boxes offer convenient carrying from one place to another. Handle on boxes can be added to offer easy handling of products.
  • Sleeve boxes can be crafted with eco-friendly Kraft which will leave a positive impression on customers’ minds.
  • Custom made sleeve boxes look attractive on retail shelves and satisfies customer about their purchase
  • The logo on the box will give your products a luxury look
  • Sleeve boxes are very pocket friendly. Without breaking your bank you can give your products a luxury packaging.
  • Sleeve boxes are famous for packaging fragile items.
  • Sleeve boxes are made of lightweight material and are according to product size which saves you material and delivery cost.


If you are a product manufacturer and you want to build a positive image in your specific niche the custom boxes are perfect for you. Invest in cost-effective and trendy sleeve boxes to create a ripple effect in the market and let your revenue increase rapidly. Use Eco-friendly material for your sleeve boxes to be socially responsible and it will also grab you extra customer base.

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