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Recover deleted files: how does it work When You Don’t Have Backup?

Recover deleted files: how does it work When You Don’t Have Backup?

There is an unbelievable amount of important data on a computer such as holiday photos, a manuscript, privately referenced reminiscences or very important business documents. It really is a disaster if these files are lost suddenly. But it is a scenario that could really happen. But how could a data loss happen? For example, if the recycle bin is deleted even though it accidentally contains a file that will be needed for work.

However, the deleted files can be recovered. The chances of success are more if the loss is recognized early. The fact is that hard drives are not removed immediately, but individual blocks must first be overwritten. With SSD hard drives this process is accomplished relatively quickly, with HDD hard drives it usually takes a little longer. However, as is often the case, you cannot generally tell when the data is actually deleted.

Recovering deleted files using software can be found on the Internet that can be used to restore deleted files, for example Stellar Free Data Recovery Software. The advantage is that the software can make the process quite easy. The fact is, almost no IT knowledge is required anymore. Any common person could restore a file for free.

How can I install the software?

Windows makes it easy to install a file. However, this is often asked and therefore we would like to mention again as a quick guide how the installation of such software is done.

  1. First, the software (also available as a paid version) must be downloaded from the official website.
  2. Now the file can be opened and the respective language can be set.
  3. Now click Install and then Next.
  4. The software is already installed.

Instructions: This is how the Stellar Free Data Recovery Software works According to the advertisement, data recovery works in a few minutes. So let’s take a closer look at what is happening and if this process is really that simple and if, without backup, old files can become visible on the hard drive again.

Step 1: First Select the type of file you have lost and click Next. The program will now take you to the next screen.

Step2: Now, the respective storage space is selected, with which the files have been lost. Select the storage medium and click Scan. The program will now search for each deleted file and make it visible.

Step 3: The software will now list every deleted file. Results can be narrowed down by using a File Type option available in Left Penal; for example, you can select to display only images in the PNG file format or only Word files.

Step 4: In the overview, all results can also be previewed again. If the file you are looking for is found, click Restore. The file can be placed in any storage location.

Step 5: Now the file can be recovered. The special thing about this is that the file can be treated as if nothing had happened. Edits, duplications and much more are of course still possible.

What to do if the file does not appear here?

In fact, if even this professional software can no longer display the file, then the real fact is that the file is no longer accessible. The data has already been overwritten accordingly on the physical data medium. In this case, it should be checked whether another storage medium has this file. There is often cloud storage – maybe the Word file was also saved on Microsoft’s servers? Or maybe the images are also in a cloud? It is worth checking everything again.

How can you protect yourself from data loss?

Data loss is always possible, but it can also be protected. How does it work? Very easily! Backup solutions that use an additional internal or external hard drive or cloud solutions for files of all kinds are ideal. However, care must be taken to ensure that a trusted provider is used with the cloud solution. It may also be better if the data is not uploaded to the servers of a large corporation, but to local cloud storage. This only works on your own network. Consequently, the data is also protected against hackers.

Can unlimited data recovery also be done with this Edition?

Stellar data recovery software offers only 1 GB data for free, all data may not be displayed. If the worst comes to the worst, you can use the Standard or Pro version, which can be obtained for a small surcharge.

How high are the chances of success with data recovery software?

A data recovery through software has a 95 percent success rate according to the manufacturer, and therefore the chances of success are enormous. However, it is important that data loss is noticed as soon as possible.

Is there any alternative data recovery software available?

There are numerous alternatives for saving data on the Internet, but they all work on a similar principle. However, I cannot present all programs, so I opted for data recovery software that received good reviews from users.

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