Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tutorial – Step by Step Guide

Marriages are one of the most important events for the celebration. During this celebration hour, not all of us have time to go to the salon and have bridal makeup. Poor makeup will destroy the charisma of your wedding dress and change the aesthetics of your facial appearance. To save yourself from all the trouble, it is recommended that you follow a bridal makeup tutorial.

There are a lot of bridal makeup tips, each of which is helpful in one way or another. In this post, we have mentioned a simplistic approach to how you can best the best bridal makeup in no time.

Prepare your Skin

The first step is to prepare your skin for all the makeup. For this, you can wash your face and apply a little moisturizer. Don’t apply force on your face and gently rub it with a clean towel.

Choose the Makeup

Each bridal makeup is different for an event. We recommend you to go with the theme and make a contrast with your wedding dress. There are specific skin types and makeup kits that you should also consider.

Apply Primer

Primer is the first thing that resides from start to end. Use a primer before you apply the makeup to help your skin moisturize a little. You can also consider this as a touch up for makeup.

Put Foundation

You can use the T shape technique to apply the foundation on your face. Take a tinny drop in your finger and make a line on your cheeks, preferable on your lower eye area. Now rub it gently over your face, starting from the head to the chin.

Apply Concealer

Foundation is used to match your skin tone, concealer is used mainly to hide dark spots and circles under your eyes. Just use it over the area in which you feel requires perfection. You can use the tip of the concealer to cover your face.

Apply Highlighter

Now comes the actual makeup process, apply highlighter for your eyes to appear larger. If you use a liquid dab, brush it around your cheek mark. If you’re using a powder highlighter, brush it under your brows without touching your eyes. Makes sure to be gentle on your cheekbones.

Base Contouring

Now set your base, and apply it on your face with the brush. You can also use a translucent powder to control the shine of the base. Be more optimistic when applying base on your face.

Apply Blush

Blush is a great way to increase your cheek shines and provide that extra contrast on your face. They blend with your face makeup and improve the overall aesthetics. Gently apply it over your face, and cover the nose and cheek.

Eye Makeup

Now arrange setup for your eye makeup. Bring colors to your eyes with liner and shadow. For bridal makeup, don’t use a dark dramatic tone. Instead, match your eye shadow with your clothing. Try brown, gray, and green eyeliner, it is prominent among young fellows nowadays.

Choose Lip Color

Once you’re done with your eye makeup, now it’s time for the most prominent feature of your face, the lips. Normally for bridal makeup, pink and red lipstick is preferred. You can also try other colors that contrast with your dress. There is a lot of lip stain available in the market that protect your lips from dullness and saves for the wedding day.

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We’re sure that this bridal makeup tips have helped you a lot during the process. If you’re hesitating at some point, please contact us and we’ll guide you.

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