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How to Prepare for the Google Algorithm Update in 2021

How to Prepare for the Google Algorithm Update in 2021

Google announced in May that they would revamp their search engine algorithms with so-called core Web Vitals updates. It makes perfectly good sense because the updates are intended to improve Google’s judgment upon which websites are the most worthy of the positions on the first page of Google Algorithm Update. And by that, Google creates the best opportunities for searchers at Google to find the most relevant content for the things or products they are looking for.

If your business wants your content to rank on the first page of Google, then it is highly relevant for you to know about these updates before they can be rolled out. And luckily, we already know a little bit about this update that Google claims will come out in 2021 i.e. Google Core Web Vitals.

Understand About Google Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are a set of algorithms in Google Search Console, which also contains some new ranking factors, that have never had a direct impact on keyword positions in Google earlier, and it can be used to help website owners to measure how their user experience performs on the web. Look for a professional website design agency in Surrey or wherever you are staying, and ask them to help you understand why this new update is important for your site.

Core Web Vitals updates are made up of three specific page speed and user experience measurements. The 3 new ranking factors described in the Google core web vitals update are here: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

LCP deals with the loading speed of the largest single object on the page. So far, it has been difficult for developers to determine how long it takes a page to load because many metrics do not observe loading speed the same way as users do. Other page speed metrics such as ‘First Content Paint (FCP)’ only report the time it takes to load the first item on the screen. This metric means that frequently the page speed is perceived faster than the actual speed.

Site owners can see in Google Search Console how fast users are viewing the content on their site and can contact their developer if the metric shows that the page is slow. The site should aim to show an LCP element within the first 2.5 seconds of a page starting to load.

First Input Delay (FID)

FID measures the time it takes for a user to initially interact with your site or page and to how long it takes the site to process and respond to the action. Google believes that FID is important because it takes into account how real-life users interact with web pages or websites. Site owners should aim for an FID score of fewer than 100 milliseconds to provide a strong first impression and this can again be found in Google Search Console. So, we can say FID technically measures the time it takes something to happen on a page.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) or Visual Stability is how stable a page is as it loads. If elements on your page or website move as the page loads, then you have got high CLS, which is bad for your website. CLS scores are used to view unexpected layout changes that occur during the life cycle of the page. It is calculated by looking at how unstable elements are and the distance that the unstable elements move in the frame. In order to provide a positive page experience, the website’s CLS score should be less than 0.1.

For more information about website maintenance and Google’s new algorithm, you can seek the help of an expert.

How Will The Algorithm Update Affect My Ranking?

As announced, Google’s core web vital scores won’t affect your ranking at the starting of 2021, which means website owners have more than 6 months to improve their page experience. So when content is king, you shouldn’t forget about the page experience. Although this may not rank as high as value content, website owners should consider the page experience to ensure that users can complete important tasks on the website seamlessly.

The Google team is working on combining single derived signals from Core Web Vitals with existing search signals to provide a better page experience, including mobile device support, HTTPS security, secure browsing, and intrusive interstitial ads to provide an overall page experience Google Algorithm Update.

How Do I Prepare My Website For The Google Core Web Vitals Update?

Even though the core web vitals are not ranking factors right now, Google has already done the functionality in the Google Algorithm Update to see how your site scores in three tests. You can see the scores under the Enhancements section. You’ll also be able to see which of the three core web vitals the problem refers to, making it easier to know where to improve.

The first step is to find out where your site currently stands in the Google Search Console by looking at your Core Web Vitals report. You need to identify the performance of your URLs and if they classify them as good, need to improve or poor. Then, consider the bigger picture of Google’s page experience and create a holistic approach to improve your UX.

Prepare for Core Web Vitals update with these tips to enhance page experience.

Optimize Your Images

Optimize the image by compressing it or creating it to a more efficient format to make it appear within the LCP threshold. It is best to evaluate all the images on your site as unoptimized media can significantly reduce your loading performance.

Consult the best web designer in Surrey or nearby you to build an optimized website for your business.

Upgrade Your Web Hosting

With a better web hosting service, you shorten JavaScript execution time and reduce user interaction delays. A faster server response time will improve all your metrics – with a particular focus on FID.

Reserve Space for Loading Content

One of the best practices to always keep CLS to a minimum is to always include width and height attributes in image and video elements. This allows the browser to allocate the exact amount of space when loading the media and avoids sudden changes in the layout.

Find a reliable agency that provides you with web design services in Surrey or anywhere at genuine prices.

Content Is Still King

Google always reminds webmasters that content relevance can still transcend the page experience. Similarly, page experience does not necessarily override relevant content. You will never go wrong when providing high-quality content to attract and engage your site visitors.

You can also consult any top web design company that can give you information about the latest Google Algorithm Update and help you prepare for that effectively.

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