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How Getting an HR Certification Increases Your Salary

If you’re an HR professional looking to increase your salary, you should be looking at certifications. They do help. Of course, you can focus on building your repo in the company, meeting your target goals, take new initiatives for better employee engagement, and perform at your best, which will eventually bolster your chances of promotion and salary hike. With certifications, you are not only increasing your chances for promotion, but increasing your market value, building repo, and get a raise sooner than later.

Sounds fluff, right? No. Take a look at the findings from Payscale’s 2018 U.S Value of HR certification report –

1. Out of 102,000 HR professionals, who responded to the survey, 34 percent had at least one HR certification.
2. Senior HR professionals like HR managers and Vice Presidents of HR, who accounted for 35 percent of respondents, held more than one certification.

Evidently, the value of certifications is recognizable. Professionals holding certifications are preferred over non-certified ones, there is clearly tremendous demand for certifications. Another telltale sign of the importance of certification is – the mandatory requirement of HR certification than preferred certification. Many job postings for HR professionals require mandatory certification. However, certifications go beyond just adorning resumes.

Apart from the skills required to perform the job well, earning a certification demonstrates a passion for continued education. It instills the faith in employers that you take your job seriously and are ready to excel in it. Terry Henley, Director of Compensation Services for the Employers Resource Association says having certification means you are serious about HR as a job and career.

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But do HR certifications get what is ultimately required – the salary hike?

Pay increase with HR certification

Over time, HR certification has been linked to a significant increase in salary. According to Payscale, earning a certification can boost the salary by 31.6%. Holding two or more certifications can boost salary by as much as 51%.

Further, a survey conducted in 20 cities, found that 93% hr professionals holding a particular certification earned more salary than non-certified ones, proving certifications definitely beef up salaries, but it has to be complemented with skills. As per the Payscale report, the majority of Chief Human Resource Officers, Human Resource Managers, and senior managers hold a certification. Many certified professionals re-take their certification to stay up to date in the field. At this stage, certification is a means to keep yourself updated. Certifications serve that purposefully and reinstate the belief that professionals are committed to doing so.

Further, HR certification offer opportunities for networking. Industry recognized certification bodies regularly hold events, conferences and other activities that allow professionals to interact and network with other HR professionals. This can help open up job opportunities and invitations.

Bottom line
Certifications offer many benefits including an increase in salary, making performance better, increased promotions and open employment opportunities. Further, certification proves that you are committed to your job and take human resources as a field seriously. So going for certification is a worthwhile proposition.


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