Hire The Best Quality MKE Inflatables For Your Kids
Hire The Best Quality MKE Inflatables For Your Kids

Hire The Best Quality MKE Inflatables For Your Kids

If you are looking for an inflatable houses rental company, your search is over. We offer bounce houses-related services for a reasonable price. Don’t want to ruin your moment with children disturbance? Contact MKE Inflatables to fade your worries.

Experienced MKE Inflatables

We have been running a family business for more than 10 years. We are a local company that offers bounce house services. As far as the quality of our work is concerned, we have thousands of satisfied clients.

Our bounce house installers are experienced and certified. They carry information about bounce house installation and its precautionary measures.

Our Service Areas

We first started the business of the inflatable house in Milwaukee. With time and devotion, our company gained success and trust. We expand our business in other cities. How are we expanding our business over time? The reason to verify this is that we don’t compromise on the quality of our services. How? Whenever a rental bounce house comes back to us, our experts inspect it for leaks, if leaks are found they repair it. Moreover, we don’t use a bounce house for more than 6 months.

Now, we are running the MKE Inflatables business in 5 cities of Wisconsin; Fond Dy Lac, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, West Bend, and Hartland.

Want to give your children some quality time, rent our inflatable houses. Don’t waste money by choosing cheap inflate rentals. Our rates are affordable and our services are remarkable.

Happy Hours For Juniors

If there is a function/party at your place, being an adult, you will enjoy it by meeting people, sharing your thoughts, and by having drinks. How will your kids enjoy such moments? Indeed, they cannot have a conversation as you do. The best way to amuse children is to arrange a bounce house for them.

The bounce house is not all about jumping, it plays a role to widen the social instincts of children. According to a study, kids who spend time with another have more abilities than those who don’t. Social and mutual interaction can eliminate the factor of autism.

Contact us to rent our bounce house. Inform us about details and our installers will be at your place according to a planned schedule.

What Type Of MKE Inflatables You Can Rent?

Considering folks’ needs, we have a vast variety of inflatable houses. You can choose one according to your needs. Let us first tell you about how to choose a bounce house for a specific function. If you want to rent a bounce house, we will ask you the following things;

What is the location of the function?

The location will give us a rough estimate of the size of the inflatable house.

A number of people that will use a bounce house?

When you tell us about kids’ strengths, we will be able to pick an inflatable house with more accuracy.

Nature Of Function?

Nature of function along with the number of kids able us to precisely select  MKE Inflatables for you.

Considering these three factors; there are three major types of bounce houses which are further divided into subs.

Combination Bounce Houses Traditional Bounce Houses Heavy Duty Bounce Houses
Crayon Combo Traditional Crayon Big Blue Bouncer
Castle Combo Traditional Castle Packers Bouncer
Sports Combo Traditional Sports Big Pink Bouncer
Double Slide Combo Traditional Princess


These are the types of bounce houses. Considering size and volume requirements, you can choose a specific bouncer. Moreover, some bouncers are larger than others, you have to be certain while telling us about your place.

Deliver, Install, Pickup

If tomorrow is your function and you forget to give an inflate rental order, contact us today. We can set up a bounce house with speedy actions. Moreover, the course of action is simple, precise, and straightforward.

When you approach MKE Inflatables to rent a bouncer, we write down necessary information about your needs and suggest one. Once the bounce house is finalized, our team of experts leaves for bounce house installation,

Our delivery is fast, convenient, and without interruptions. Once our team approaches the place where the bouncer is to be installed, without wasting time, our professionals set up a bounce house. During installation, there are various things that our team members keep in mind. They analyze the place and remove pointy items. The team double-checks the bouncer to avoid future accidents. Installation is done quickly following teamwork rules. For continuous airflow, we use high-quality commercial air blowers that can work for hours without interruption.

Once your function is over, our team will disassemble the bouncer, pack it and leave your place.

Payment Method

Our priority is clients’ satisfaction and we will do anything for it. Our company is insured and licensed meaning we are eligible to perform MKE inflatables activities without any hesitation. However, if there is any mishap during installation or with the bouncer, the company will bear the loss as we are insured. We will not tease our clients to pay for damages.

We don’t demand any upfront for inflatable house installation. We will demand money once the work is completed. However, we will finalize our service charges with the client before installation to override any process inconvenience.

When You Can Rent A Bouncer?

If there is any gathering, party, or event and you are sure that there will be a lot of kids with guests. It will be a feasible option to rent a bounce house.

You can contact MKE Inflatables if there is 

  • Wedding
  • Graduation party
  • Grand Opening
  • Day Care Event
  • Backyard Party
  • Picnic
  • Block Party
  • Corporate Event
  • Church Event
  • Birthday Party

These are a few gatherings when you can avail of MKE inflatables rental services. You can get our services for weekends. Our experts would install it on Friday and will pick it up on Monday. Do you want to get a bouncer for an in-house function in the winter season? No worries! We are available 7 days of the week. For national holidays, family functions, and gatherings, get our party bouncer rental services.

Express Your Feelings

Want to contact a bounce house installer in your area?  Willing to know more about us? Visit our official website to know more about our services.

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