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Harriet Tubman’s Achievements and 20 Dollar Bill

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman is a known and famed humanitarian and civil rights activist who fought to eradicate slavery and women’s suffrage. Go through Harriet Tubman’s pictures from adolescence to her last buoyant years, you will see scars of hardships, dedication, determination, and devotion forming a staunch persona out of an enslaved female. She suffered violence and vehemence in the early years of her life that lead to permanent physical wounds.

And when one reads about Harriet Tubman’s timeline from history, they will find persistence, perseverance, and resolution, that by the age of 12 she stopped her master’s hand from beating a caged man. Tubman also played a pivotal character as a Union scout and spy during the American Civil war. Her thorough and detailed information about Underground Railroad assisted troops to construct planned raids and help freed more than 700 enslaved people. When you go through Slavery quotes and civil war quotes transcribed under Harriet Tubman’s quotes it will provide enduring opportunities and learning lessons to many of the young generation of today that, one should not take freedom and liberty for granted.

How many slaves did Harriet Tubman Free?

One of the finest achievements for any human is the level of tireless efforts involved with a deep-rooted interest that is above average and the call of duty. When it comes to ending slavery and suffrage Harriet’s role is undeniable that how she led her life as a civil war spy, conductor of Underground Railroad, and as a caregiver and nurse. In traditional language you can say that Harriet was illiterate, but the devising techniques she made for freedom of caged people prove her to be an intellectual and brainy being. She used to sing songs that had coded messages for slaves. Those coded songs were used to give directions to slaves about when and where to move. Her famous song ‘Wade in Water’ would signal slaves that they have to travel through water. Another savage song was ‘Steal Away’ that used to hint to slaves that a person will be escaped soon.

The underground railway was another genius creativity of Harriet, which was a haven for many enslaved people who were looking for a ray of light. Harriet worked tirelessly hard with fellowmen to never let the hope of freedom fade away, and constructed the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad lasted for about forty-one years but Harriet’s role ended after 10 years only.

Harriet was brave, valiant, fearless, and Moses to her people. As a spy, risking her life, Tubman helped almost eight hundred caged and enslaved people to break the shackles of slavery and run for the good of their lives. As an underground Railway conductor, another legendary achievement of Tubman, she helped freed forty enslaved people to liberty. The reason behind freeing a few enslaved people was the Fugitive Slave Act, which gave freedom to white people to enslave humans and take them back to a slave state. Harriet once proudly flaunted to Frederick Douglass that in all her striving journey to freed people she never lost a single person ever.

Harriet Tubman 20 Dollar Bill

Crediting Tubman’s services to end slavery and her fight against the system, which treated black people as currency and capital, the American government announced that they will place Harriet Tubman’s face on 20 dollar bill. Obama management in 2016 announced that they will redesign the image of the 20 dollar bill and Tubman’s face will replace the face of Andrew Jackson on the bill. During the Trump administration period, the project got delayed due to other priorities, however, the current Biden administration has vowed that they are working on the bill and it will be released soon. The Biden Government is exploring ways to speed up the publication process as the note will not only reflect the history but diversity of the country and reflect a positive image of the state. Rumors have it that the 20 dollar bill will be out by the end of 2021, but, in the end, this is only humor. But one cannot deny the level of involvement from Biden’s administration about the publication process.

When did Harriet Tubman Die?

Being a black woman and facing all odds against her, Harriet led an inspirational and awe-struck life for many. She not only helped enslaved people to free but was a prominent and active speaker for women’s right to vote. Harriet Tubman is one of the most celebrated personalities from American history and quotes by Harriet Tubman have made her an icon and role model to be inspired from. The young generation, especially African Americans who are struggling for human rights and equality love to quote and aspire from her. In 1903, Harriet donated a part of her land, where she lived with her family, to a church and instructed to make it a home for aged and deprived colored people. On March 10, 1913, Tubman died at the age of 93 due to pneumonia. Harriet Tubman cemetery is at Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn where she is laid to rest for eternal peace. However, the legacy of Harriet Tubman continues even today. Dozens of schools are named after her. There is a museum named Harriet Tubman Museum in Cambridge that serves as a memorial to her life. In 1978 a movie named ‘A Woman Called Moses’ honored the life and career of Tubman and in 2019 a film named ‘Harriet’ narrated Tubman’s service as a conductor of the Underground Railroad. Tubman was born a slave but she died as a star. Numerous books and documentaries are being published and on-aired to revisit the life of Harriet.

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