Get the Best Apple iMac Refurbished at Mac of All Trades
Get the Best Apple iMac Refurbished at Mac of All Trades

Get the Best Apple iMac Refurbished at Mac of All Trades

In the manner of the steam engine, filamented light bulbs, and reinforced concrete, the Apple iMac changed the world of personal computing—transforming, irrevocably, our understanding of what a personal computer was, and what a personal computer could do. But what made the iMac so special? And how did it affect this change?


A colorful, curvy, translucent machine, the iMac was fast, powerful, and cool-looking, a far cry from the boxy, beige exteriors of most consumer computers at the time. The original color of the iMac—Bondi blue—was named after an Australian beach, and was a vibrant as anything the world had seen appended to a personal computer. The iMac shattered the status quo with its stunning display. The world of personal computing has never been the same.

The iMac was marketed as a way of getting on to the internet as quickly as possible. With the web still in its infancy back in the late 90s, the iMac was instrumental in the development of global connectivity. By choosing to focus on the computer’s internet aptitude, the iMac found a way of differentiating its computer from other products and companies.

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The iMac also killed the floppy disk, relying solely on USBs, which brought the Universal Serial Bus to the masses for the first time. Thanks to the iMac, many manufacturers created USB computer accessories, which were shipped in a transparent blue-green housing meant to match with the iMac’s Bondi blue.

Fast forward twenty years and iMacs are ubiquitous. While smartphones and tablets had put a sizeable dent in PC sales, the iMac adapted to the changing market by leaning into its advanced capabilities. For instance: Retina 5K.

By arranging a higher pixel density than traditional Apple displays, Retina 5K is able to create a crisp, print-like image that can imitate curves and sharp edges by squeezing as many pixels as possible into the screen, resulting in a pixel-per-inch measurement greater than the human eye is able to process.

The screen performs at a resolution higher than what human beings are able to see. The iMac is able to display over one billion colors, using red-green phosphor LEDs that balance the basic building blocks (red, green, and blue) to show off real-world color with more balance and precision. A fusion drive stores all your apps and files on flash storage, while everything else is kept on a high-capacity hard drive.

Mac of All Trades

At Mac of All Trades, we sell an Apple iMac Refurbished that has all the features of the latest models at a more affordable price. Mac of All Trades is your source for buying an Apple iMac refurbished. Our mission is to provide you with the best customer experience possible.

We refurbish MacBook Pros in-house in order to reduce costs, using a 40-point refurbishment process to make sure that all hardware components are thoroughly tested, and that each machine is properly cleaned and labeled with its specifications.

The Apple equipment we acquire tends to come from office environments and requires little refurbishment beyond cleaning, testing, and a bit of reconfiguration. Also, with all our items we offer a complementary hardware warranty.

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