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Consider Pros & Cons Before Installing White Quartz Kitchen Worktops

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Just like any other colored quartz surface, white quartz countertops are resistant to stains, scratches and heat. In addition to various pros, it also has certain cons that you must consider before installing it in your kitchen or home.

White quartz worktops are one of the highly preferred materials. But just like any worktop material, it also has multiple upsides and downsides. The best part of installing white quartz is its contemporary aesthetics and low-maintenance needs. So, you don’t have to worry about any extra cost in the future.

When renovating the kitchen, homeowners spend most of the time deciding the right kitchen worktop, as they perform many tasks in the kitchen every day. This is because one wrong decision can easily cost you a hefty amount and waste your time.

We know that quartz is an engineered stone but highly durable. This ability of quartz makes it highly suggested worktop material for any home interior. The homes with white quartz kitchen worktops have a prominent shiny appeal with a sophisticated finish. But again, it comes with its pros as well as cons.

If you are finalizing a white quartz worktop for your kitchen, make sure to consider its merits and demerits in detail.

Pros of White Quartz Worktops

  1. The white quartz worktop is undoubtedly a superior choice for modern homes. While choosing this countertop is your personal choice, there are various factors to consider while making the selection.
  2. Quartz is non-porous that makes it resistant to stains. You can install a white quartz countertop in your kitchen without worrying about any marks of stains, hot utensils or knife. Being stain-resistant, this worktop is ideal for busy kitchens.
  3. It is easy to clean without worrying about spillage. Taking care of spills is exhausting and an important deciding factor when it comes to choosing your kitchen countertop. Moreover, the spillage proof feature makes the surface highly resistant to bacteria and keeps your kitchen hygienic.
  4. Another major advantage of installing white quartz kitchen worktops in your kitchen is it appears bright and spacious. The light refracts through shiny white surfaces, giving a calming effect to the interior. It is a great addition to compact houses, where you want to make space appear bigger than it actually is.
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Cons of White Quartz Worktops


  1. One major con of white countertop is that you can see even a speck of dust or the smallest of cooking stains on its light surface. If you have children in your house, then installing this light worktop is a big NO, as it will add up to your cleaning schedule.
  2. White quartz surfaces can make any room appear big. It is an advantage but also a disadvantage sometimes. This is because it will be difficult to decorate the interior with white worktops. You will have very limited interior decor options and have to follow a specific color scheme.
  3. Another demerit of this worktop is that it is not able to resist extreme heat. If the temperature rises while cooking, this kitchen worktop won’t be able to handle it and show signs of damage.

The color choice of the kitchen worktop depends on your requirements and priorities. But a little knowledge of both pros and cons gives you a clear picture of material, before finalizing it.

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