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AZ 104 Exam: Everything You Need To Know About

The New AZ 104 was launched in 2020, which has now replaced the AZ-103 exam. The guide emphasizes all the particular information that you require to pass the AZ 104 exam.

What is Azure 104 Certification?

The Microsoft AZ 104 Microsoft Azure certification is designed for candidates who execute, manage, and monitor identity, governance, compute storage, and virtual networks in a cloud ecosystem. Moreover, the Azure Administrator will size, provision, monitor, and adjust resources as appropriate. 

Who Should Acquire This Certification?

This Microsoft certification is ideal for:

  • Candidates who are associated with purchasing or selling cloud-based solutions and services or who have some experience in cloud-based solutions and services. 
  • People who have a technical background need to certify their administrator-level knowledge of cloud services. 

This certification exam improves the skills and exhibits them among the employers, thereby making the candidates more competitive. 

What Is The Eligibility Criteria Of Microsoft Azure?

You do not need any prior knowledge to be eligible for the AZ-104 examination. However, it is recommended that the candidates hold basic knowledge of computer networking concepts. 

What Are The Skills Measured In This Exam?

AZ-104 exam measures the ability to achieve the below technical concepts depending on the latest update from Microsoft.

Manage Azure Identities And Governance (15-20%)

  • Manage Azure AD objects 
  • Manage role-based access control 
  • Manage subscriptions and governance 

Implement And Manage Storage (10-15%)

  • Manage storage accounts 
  • Manage data in Azure Storage 
  • Configure Azure files and Azure blob storage 

Deploy and Manage Azure Compute Resources 


  • Configure VMs for high availability and scalability 
  • Automate deployment and configuration of VMs
  • Create and configure VMs
  • Create and configure containers 
  • Create and configure web apps 

Configure and Manage Virtual Networking (30-35%)

  • Implement and manage virtual Networking 
  • Configure name resolution 
  • Secure access to virtual networks 
  • Configure load balancing 
  • Monitor and troubleshooting virtual networking 
  • Implement on-premises networking with an Azure virtual network

Monitor and Backup Azure Resources (10-15%)

  • Monitor resources by leveraging Azure Monitor
  • Implement backup and recovery 

How Long Does It Take To Prepare For the AZ-104 Exam?

The Microsoft AZ 104 is defined as an intermediate-level Microsoft certification. The syllabus has expanded considerably from what it was earlier. So you need to put some extra time into your preparation. Above we have already highlighted how the exam is formatted. You can expect around 30-35% questions from Networking and 25-30% from Azure compute resources. Together these sections account for around 65% of the overall curriculum.

What Is The Difficulty Level Of AZ-104?

While AZ 104 is an entry-level exam, it is quite challenging. You can expect to go through multiple types of questions, including scenarios, multiple-choice, labs, etc. You will have tons of questions to go through, so make sure you are not overwhelmed by them. Make sure you solve a lot of practice papers to get hands-on experience. The more you practice, the better you will be able to do in the exam. 

What Are The Passing Marks For AZ-104 Test?

Microsoft Azure certification exams are scored out of 1000, and you must acquire 700 or higher to pass this examination and gain an Azure Administrator badge. 

Is the AZ-104 Azure Exam Worthwhile?

Essentially, you will move on to take further expert certifications; however, AZ 104 certification proved to be an important milestone. Even if this certification is not the goal, you will acquire a substantial amount of experience of learning Azure at a deeper level. This will help you get the job that you desire in Azure or helps you become a more skillful cloud administrator. 

Does The AZ-104 Exam Come With An Expiration Date?

The AZ-104 Azure exam will generally have to be renewed after 18 months. Microsoft tends to retire Azure certifications from time to time. Additionally, the number of the exam also tends to evolve over the course of time. This happens when Microsoft makes changes in the curriculum of a particular certification like AZ-103. 

How To Take the AZ-104 Test?

After your Azure certification training, you will have to schedule the AZ-104 exam online. Generally, the test is taken online or at a test center. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, online testing is the only option. 


There you have it, everything you need to know about AZ-104. It is an important entry-level certification, which will pave the way for broader knowledge and lucrative opportunities. 

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