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9 Effective and Useful WordPress Pricing Table Plugins For 2021

WordPress Plugins

WordPress websites are generally built by users to expand their business through screens. The sites may be used to provide information to prospective clients about the institution or kind of business they are into or are used to increase the sale of their goods and services as many people are interested in online shopping with the gradual development of technology.

Even a few websites require to have a payment option since the majority of the people pay subscriptions or fees or other due payments online.

Hire a WordPress plugin development company that will be adding up a table of pricing in your Website built via WordPress.

They will also know the best plugins available for this to be done because the plugins must fulfil some of the vital features required. It should be compatible with all types of devices and must be easy when it comes to customization because changes have to be made.

Keeping these in mind, here is a list of nine best practical and useful pricing table plugins for this year.


This plugin provides you with one of the best customization options to decorate your Website. Since it is using the HTML and CSS3 duo, it assures perfect layouts, videos and photos to be incorporated in any column you want and various themes to choose from.

You can also put in as many columns or lines you want all through the Website. You can make the tables even more attractive with background images and different colours. Your viewers using the Website from mobile can also slide the screen to get a full-screen view which is an added advantage.

Easy pricing table

If you are one of those tech-novice and do not know much about plugins and websites, this is the perfect plugin for you. It is the easiest and convenient plugin available in the market. You can design a layout and add the columns and tables of pricing in no time.

It is compatible with any of the WordPress themes you have already chosen for the Website. One of the exciting features of this plugin is that it never stores any of the personal data be it of the user or the admin, so zero risks of breaching of privacy. You will find out more cool features while exploring the plugin.

Responsive pricing table

As the name suggests, this plugin quite responsive to various formats, styles, and themes. You may ask your hired WordPress web development company to use this particular plugin because it allows the look of the webpage to remain the same.

This is also popular among the developer because it gives its best performance in any type of device. This makes the users automatically interested in using the Website more. On top of that, you can set up the signs of currency and use colour combinations and alignments for titles making it all the more worthwhile.

Themes code pricing table

This is a very basic and lightweight plugin that will not hamper the performance of your Website. Like the other plugins, this is also very user-friendly and can be used with any theme without changing the appearance for the entire Website.

Added is a feature of generating shortcode automatically and you get a variety of colours to choose and apply for the headings of the price lists.

WRC pricing table

This plugin enables you with the option of choosing any form and type of table and column for listing the prices and offers of your products or services on your Website. Also, trending features like a shadow for the columns are included.

Generally, the WordPress plugin development company uses this because it enables the designer to use the currency sign and unit when it comes to the pricing. Unique columns can be highlighted with contrast colours to make it appear different.


This plugin supports customization of the headers and the product or service featuring lists and pictures, or videos can be included to engage the users. Various styles for CSS and columns are available with support for tooltips.


With this plugin, you need not put much effort, and your pricing list table will be ready in few clicks. You can add as many columns you want and most importantly, this plugin allows you to make comparison tables with a wide range of templates it has to offer.

Ninja table

Another favourite plugin amongst the WordPress web development company is this because it has the most useful feature of exporting and importing data. Apart from this, easy selection of unlimited columns and table rendering features are very useful.

Premium addons

This plugin will work after you have downloaded an elementor. It enriches the performances of the Website. It has a wide range of widgets to create tables. It comes with in-built price tables.

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