7 Ways to Use Flowers in Wedding to Make a Visible Impression
7 Ways to Use Flowers in Wedding to Make an Visible Impression

7 Ways to Use Flowers in Wedding to Make a Visible Impression

There are many days in our life that we love to celebrate. In the long journey of life, there comes many events and occasions, many special moments that we keep captured through the celebration. One of them is the wedding.

Marriage denotes a social bonding of two people with the virtue of living together forever by sharing their life path. Among all the important parts of the wedding celebration, the decoration is a very important one. And nothing can beat flowers in that. Here are 7 best floral decor at a wedding that make a visible Impression.

Arrange Floral Chandeliers

Chandeliers are one of the royal decorations for any occasion or houses usually they are not followed in a normal household as they need a lot of space to be utilized. As the wedding hall is supposed to be big to hold a bigger gathering, such a floral decor makes it outstanding.

You can use bigger seasonal flowers like Lily, Orchid, Carnations, and Roses to make it noticeable and For subtle decor, some small native flowers will go well. Apart from that, chains can be ties to different directions and If your wedding has a theme color, you can choose flowers accordingly as well.

Make Flower Wall to Impress Guest

This is one of the best and trending decor for the wedding. As we see houses have a fall ceiling, the concept is quite similar. You can make the whole decoration with flowers- bouquets to chains. But, to make it look brighter, you can make a photo booth with a big fall-wall of flowers.

Usually, colorful roses and tulips in the middle and contrasting orchids as borders look perfect. You can use strip patterns, or center to outer color distribution pattern to make it look good. This is one of the creative ways to incorporate flowers in wedding.

Bridal Entry with a Bouquet of Flowers

This is a Christian ritual of the wedding where the bride is wearing a white or light color wedding gown and entering the church or wedding hall with a bouquet of white flowers or roses in hand. Usually, such wedding bouquets have other more decorating props besides flowers.

There are silk ribbons, silk covering clothes, firming case and perforated net to make it look prettier. Usually, bridal bouquets are of very simple color flowers, light, dense blooms, most commonly white or peach roses. You can get a perfect bridal bouquet from flower bouquet delivery sites.

Flowers in Bride’s Hair

These are one of the most trending bride decors ever. The bride is supposed to have a unique and costly dressing up style. Some flowers are used as a decorative prop to the bride’s hair before the translucent drape.

Mostly, these flowers are orchids and lilies as they are the long-lasting fresh-cut flowers. You can order flowers online to get the most precious and beautiful orchids to put in your hair. Such a decor will always be unique and catch the people’s attention while attending the occasion.

Use Flowers in Centerpieces and Table Decoration

One of the most common decorations at the wedding is the floral decor on tables as centerpieces. This is a freestyle designing where you can choose your flowers and colors. Some flowers that attract insects like sunflowers and marigolds are strict ‘no’.

Other than that, colorful gerbera, carnation, tulips, roses, chrysanthemums, and lilies go good. You can choose the flowers according to the theme color of your wedding as well. It is best to make a minimum centerpiece of flowers for the tables. It is best to tag the table numbers there for the guest to easily find it.

Ceiling Garland & Lanterns Decoration

Some people like to celebrate a wedding in ancient English ways. The Royal Wedding takes place inside a completely closed hall with many lanterns and lights around.  You can use flowers there for decor as well. In order to keep the walls looking little cleaner, you can use the ceilings to make floral decors. The ceiling bouquets always draw attention and lanterns can also be decorated with flowers and that will be a good wedding flower decoration idea.

Make a Floral Backdrop for Wedding

You can also use flowers as backdrops in any decoration. As it is a wedding, at times it is important to make it look special. You can make a floral backdrop with various kinds of flowers and If the color is no bar, then it can be as colorful as possible.

If there is a theme, then it is important to follow the theme color of the wedding so you can even send flowers today as gifts to the beloved bride as well.

Flowers are no doubt the best thing in this world that you can utilize in the best ways possible in the wedding. Above are the best impressive ways to use flowers as decorative props at the wedding.

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