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7 Tips for a cheap move and save money!

In addition to practical tips for making a low-cost move, there are other things you can save on. A change of              residence entails in particular expenses and other financial expenses related to the numerous steps to be                    undertaken such as, the approaches with the various services and administrations (electricity, internet, bank,                tax, etc.). Here are some tips for a cheap move:

  • Check the dates of your service changes:If the date of your move does not match the billing cycle for a service, it may be best to discontinue this service sooner. For example, take into consideration to live a few days without internet connection, to be able to save money by avoiding being charged a month of unused service.
  • Change suppliers:take advantage of this opportunity to search for a new energy supplier or internet and compare companies. Just because you are moving, that does not mean you have to stay true to your current service providers. Check the sites of the different suppliers to see if there are better offers.
  • Change your address:Make sure you communicate your change of address promptly to the people concerned. Register with your new local government for payment of the housing tax and contact your energy suppliers. Remember to forward your mail, to avoid loss of mail and unpaid bills.
  • Consume your food and plan your meals in advance:If your refrigerator and freezer are full, make sure to consume the food before the date of your move. A good tip is to plan the list of your meals in advance (a few weeks before D-Day) in order to avoid wasting and having to throw away. If you have non-perishable food that you cannot eat on time, donate it to charities or relatives.
  • Ask your company for moving assistance:there are many moving aids for job mobility. Do not hesitate to inquire with your employer, your works council, but also social organizations, which offer bonuses or moving aids. This may be an extra day off, a moving allowance or a certain amount to ease your setup costs.
  • Negotiate: Even if you think you do not have enough bargaining skills, you will not risk trying to negotiate prices. Real estate agencies, transport companies, surveying experts and even moving agencies know where to save on costs, negotiate their fees and you could get a significant discount.
  • Continue to monitor your expenses after moving:the move is past, it is not uncommon to feel invaded by the fever to buy, whether furniture, appliances or other purchases, to create a new one cocoon and customize his home. This period generally entails significant expenses, in order to limit this, anticipate your future purchases and their immediate utility to better stagger your expenses.                                                                 It is also possible to find inventive solutions to save money and less expensive, such as second-hand furniture or many Do-it-yourself solutions. Take the time upstream of your move to think about your new home so you do not get caught out in the middle of an emergency, where you will have no choice but to buy at a high price  something that will more, you may not like it completely.                                                                                     Compare prices and make a cheap move easily!                                                                                            The key to a successful, cheap move is to prepare yourself and ask the price from several movers. You will receive several quotes from reliable moving companies in your area but Man and Van Guildford is best according to your budget. From this point on, it will be easier to select Man and Van Guildford for your needs and start preparing for your move in the best conditions. The more you organize in advance, the more you will be aware of the steps and costs to be anticipated, and the more likely you will be able to find a less expensive solution for this.                                                                                                                                                         
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