7 Big Data Analytics LinkedIn Groups for Big Data Professionals

LinkedIn Groups are good sources for information, insights, and discourse for Big Data professionals. For beginners, groups are helpful to gather necessary information, connect with veteran Big Data professionals, and learn about their field of career. While for senior professionals, groups are places to discuss trending topics, seek a solution to challenging problems, and offer solutions and help to those who seek guidance.

Here are 10 LinkedIn groups for Big Data professionals to connect with like-minded professionals and stay up to date.

Big Data and Analytics

This is one of the oldest groups on LinkedIn. Started in 2013, the group has over 13 lakhs members. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are common topics of discussion in the group. Beginner Big Data Analysts and experienced data analysts, can gain information and others and find resources for better learning.

Research Methods and Data Science

This group is for analysts and researchers to discuss everything related to research in the field of data science, including research methodology, research automation, research flow management, and more. Discussions in this group are centered around how functioning AI can help with research.

IBM Big Data and Analytics

This group is moderated by Bruce Ween, IBM’s Program Director for Enterprise, Startups, and Developers. Discussions in this group around Big Data challenges faced by enterprises and other companies, and how IBM platforms can solve those problems. This is a good group to acquaint yourself with Big Data Analytics challenges and learn about their probable solution.

Big Data, Analytics, IoT (Internet of Things) & Blockchain

This group discusses advance topics in Big Data, BI, cloud computing and more. Tools and technologies, for instance, Flume, Hadoop, Kafka, Map Reduce, Yarn, Hive, HQL, Oozie, and so forth are frequent topics of discussion in this group. Experts in the group are urged to share data, thoughts and best practices regularly.

Advanced Analytics, Predictive Modeling & Statistical Analyses Professionals Group

This group has experts who have experience in quantitative analysis, advance analytics, statistical modeling, data mining, etc. This group empowers networking and shares job openings.

Advanced Analytics and Data Science

This LinkedIn group frequently shares solutions to challenges in predictive analytics, machine learning, statistics, and more. Members are encouraged to share their experiences related to different tools and techniques related to data science for solving some big challenges. Big Data Analysts — fresher and experienced—this group serves as a place to solve various challenges.

Data Mining, Statistics, Big Data, Data Visualization, and Data Science

This group is dedicated to data mining and statistical experts. The group boasts a total of 2 lakh members. Methodological issues and programming are common topics of discussion in the group. Job postings are also common in the group.

At present, even though big data & analytics has grown massively, it is relatively a small community of professional with passion and as it fosters, it upon professionals to learn from each other. Thus, LinkedIn groups are helpful in that way.

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