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6 Ways Custom Printed Gift Boxes Affects your Sales

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Packaging plays an essential role in promoting a product in the retail environment and persuading customers to purchase it. Gone are the days when shoppers have limited means to discover and buy various products. Today, breakthroughs in mobile have enabled retailers to reach consumers beyond retail proximity.

Though there are numerous factors (quality, price, availability, ethics, etc.) that influence a buyer’s decision when purchasing a product, eye-catching custom printed gift boxes can be the decisive factor. A study by Paper Worker showed that one-third of the purchase decisions are based on packaging.

For this reason, brands strive to create exquisite packaging solutions to engage customers on an emotional level and satisfy their needs, so they could naturally boost sales.

This leaves us with the million-dollar question: Which elements one should focus on when developing money-making packaging to lift their sales? Let us help you in the process of creating successful custom gift boxes, so you could figure out what attracts customers and affect sales.

Great First Impressions is Crucial

Remember, the first impression always counts. When you meet a prospective client, important people, someone in the street, or a friend or friend, you do your best to leave a positive first impression. And it is understandable why.

But one shouldn’t forget to apply this logic when you are about to introduce your product to the customers for the very first time.

Many experts have expressed this on numerous occasions that a product container on the store rack provides consumers the first impression of a novel product and brand. And both have an important role to play. This suggests that how people interpret your packaging has a direct impact on the expectations and interpretation of a product and brand.

So one must make a serious effort to leave a great first impression on their consumers with quality custom made gift boxes.

The Surprising Power of Touch

The way packaging feels can make or break your brand. Mind you, we all are human, which means we are highly tactile creatures. For instance, holding an elegant and stylish crystal bottle of a drink won’t give you the same feeling you get while holding a plastic bottle. But you cannot overlook the fact that extravagant packaging comes at a high cost, and it also requires longer production time. Nonetheless, it’s worth investing in quality packaging because the return is also high.

The quality materials and superior finish are tactile actions that not only grasp customers’ attention but also sway them to touch the gift boxes printing packages. It makes the customer want to buy your product.

Win Customers with Clear Messaging

Packaging can turn out to be the most effective and inexpensive advert for a brand as it promotes products free of charge in the retail stores. However, it should stand out on the retail racks and impress your customers with a powerful brand message.

Meaning, you should know what your product is, what exactly it does, successfully describe the product in a few words, and know which emotions you want to trigger with the brand message.

That’s why many smart businesses print catchy and straightforward messages on their custom gift boxes that check all the boxes and instantly attract customers. Fast, reliable, and relieve are some of those powerful words that can evoke the right emotions in customers because they reflect the benefits people can get when they use the product.

Simplicity is the Key to Success

Brands that cram their custom printed gift boxes with too much text or graphics often end up ruining their image. And that’s a fact. Don’t believe me? According to The Harvard Study of Communications, it takes customers just seven seconds to decide whether or not they want to purchase a product. So make sure your packaging is easily readable.

Furthermore, you must be consistent when using your signature colors and font styles across the brand’s products. This will help communicate your message clearly and allow your business to thrive.

It’s an excellent way to catch customers’ eyes and ensure they pick up your product from a sea of similar products. However, if you aren’t sure, then there is no harm in seeking professional help. Establish packaging companies like The Legacy Printing can help you craft a compelling, yet simple packaging design that’ll drive your sales.

Packaging Reflects the Quality

Your packaging not only reflects the product quality, but it also depicts the brand value.

For example, if you are aiming to target younger audience, then consider choosing vivid and bright hues. But if you are creating a gift box for a luxury brand, then think about adding extravagant elements like gold foiling or using royal purple to make your brand stand above the ordinary.

In brief, your product packaging should be appropriately designed. Else, it won’t be able to speak volumes of your company.

Quality is a Determinant of Price

The quality of product packaging helps new customers determine what they want to pay for a product. This projects that quality of packaging and design greatly influence customers’ choices, especially when it comes to paying the price. If your customers don’t think the price is appropriate, they will buy from a competitor.

In contrast, if the customers find the packaging appealing, they won’t mind paying more for the product. And this is true even when the consumers haven’t even tried the product.

All in all, the packaging is a crucial element in the success of a product. It should leave a great impression, be made from premium and durable materials that can represent the product and brand in the best possible way.

Even if your product is new to the market, quality packaging can convince the audience to break away from their traditional buying routine and try something different. Your packaging can persuade customers to embrace a new product.

Give your precious product a chance to shine in the marketplace by enclosing it in a package it truly deserves.

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