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5 Ways to Make Test Automation Successful in Agile


Test automation brings a lot of benefits to you making your software testing more efficient. But you can always make improvements to the way you execute test automation especially in agile.

Here are the 5 ways to make your test automation successful in agile:

  • Follow Parallel Testing
  • Choose the Right Automation QA Test Tools
  • Maintain Smaller Test Cases
  • Monitor the Development Environments
  • Implement Quality Tests

Follow Parallel Testing

Carrying out test automation while following agile methodology, automation testers can miss out on quality standards. This is due to the fact that they have to perform continuous releases in multiple iterations. This leads to having more defects in your software product.

To solve this issue, you must implement parallel testing while you go through different stages of development. Parallel testing identifies and fixes bugs in the initial stages hence making testing more efficient.

Choose the Right Automation QA Test Tools

You must validate the capability and features of the QA test tool before you adopt them. Carefully examine if your chosen automation QA test tools have all those features that work best under an agile environment.

Here, you must not worry about the initial investment you require to purchase the automation testing tools. But you should rather look at the benefits you’re going to get. Eventually, you’re going to save time and resources that can save your project cost.

Maintain Smaller Test Cases

You must consider maintaining and running small test cases too. As it eliminates the unnecessary data that has no effect on creating the test case. This way, you can filter out test cases and end up having those that actually matter. It also makes the testing process less complicated saving up time and resources.

And not just that, if you test smaller test cases, you can easily make changes when regression testing requirements change.

Monitor the Development Environments

To make test automation successful in agile, it’s extremely important to continuously monitor the development environment. It helps you to make a better understanding of the functionality and software development process.

Also, you need to know different functionalities along with their association with product development. If you monitor the development environment, you can deliver a high-quality software product. Otherwise, you will get more defects in your software that you will have to identify and fix.

Implement Quality Tests

A high-quality product is closely associated with the quality of tests. Therefore, you must implement the quality test to make test automation successful in agile.

Focus on writing quality automated test scripts that are capable of integrating with regression testing. Your automated test scripts must be able to meet the regression testing requirements. For that, you must set a criterion of portability, accuracy, portability, integrity, performance, etc.

Wrap Up

We’ve discussed five ways to make your test automation successful in agile. Following these tips can make your test automation more productive and efficient. You can also save your time and money if you successfully implement these 5 ways while you follow test automation in agile.

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